One and same affidavit-Help or Advice appreciated

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One and same affidavit-Help or Advice appreciated

Post by longjourney2015 » 18 Mar 2015, 23:15

Hi everyone,
I am in a bit of a pickle right now. My GGF and GGM have a discrepancy on the death certificates (both years of birth are wrong, and my GGM went by her American name) and on the Naturalization paperwork they have similar names and different dates.

NYC vital records has now refused to change my GGM death certificate bc it has her Americanized name (even though I sent proof of her using it in other documents). I tried to contact their funeral home La Mesta in Brooklyn NY but it went out of business in 2005 after the owner passed on.

I live in Matthews, NC (Union County) and am not able to get a One and Same Affidavit for either or them in order to show the progression of dates and names so that I can get other documents changed. No lawyer, court, and as of today, judge is familiar with this or my plight. I have talked to the Philly Consulate so I know what they will require and that is why I am having to do this.

Please, please , please, does anyone have any tips or stories about this because I am feeling alone and out of options when I am so close to have my follow up appointment with the consulate.

Thanks and blessings,


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