Birth Certificate in Como, Lombardia

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Clarissa Valli
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Birth Certificate in Como, Lombardia

Post by Clarissa Valli » 03 Jun 2015, 16:48

Hi everyone,
I am looking for someone who can help me obtaining the birth certificate of my great-grandfather (Egídio Valli), he was born in Como, Lombardia in 1975. Unfortunately I cannot precise the exactly place (since that Como has a large number of small comunes), but I have information of the exactly day (16/09/1875) and the names of his mother and his father (Francisco Valli e Eugenia Gaspari). Is there anyone who can help in such local search? Or anyone knows somebody who can help me?
I have been searching some sites which promise to find the certificate, but as well mentioned a lot in this forum, I don’t feel comfortable in trust them without a good reference.
Anyone have a good experience in such kind of search and could share with me?
I thank so much for any kind of help.
Best regards !

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Re: Birth Certificate in Como, Lombardia

Post by paola52 » 03 Jun 2015, 23:08

Hi and welcome!
I suppose Egidio was born in the Province of Como and not in the Comune of Como (meaning the actual town of Como)
Back then this Province was very large and comprised towns and villages that are now part of the Provinces of Varese and Lecco. So , in order to narrow the research, every clue and small detail you have can be very important.
Can you give us more info, so we can help you?
Of course, if he was born in the town of Como itself, you only need to write to the anagrafe of the Comune and ask for the certificate...
Paola :D
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Re: Birth Certificate in Como, Lombardia

Post by Anizio » 04 Jun 2015, 01:37

Start by writing to anagrafe at Como itself, and here's why: ... ARDIA/COMO

There is only one place the name Gasparri exists in Como today, while Valli is a name spread all over. And Gaspari with 1 R is even less common in Como: ... /LOMBARDIA

Honestly, unless you can give a researcher or a company something more specific than the province of Como you are throwing a lot of money away, and all they'll do is what you can do yourself....write a letter to every town in Como with a request until you get a reply from the right place.
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Re: Birth Certificate in Como, Lombardia

Post by adelfio » 04 Jun 2015, 04:03

Looked on in Como province search no Egídio Valli birthdate 1875 with parents Francisco Valli e Eugenia Gaspari
The surname Gaspari comes from Sondrio area Lombardia
What was his wifes name did he marry in Italy

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