Divorce certificate

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Divorce certificate

Post by australitalian » 09 Jul 2015, 05:32

I and my mum already have our Italian citizenship recognised by the consulate. My question is very specific:

Both of my grandparents are Italian citizens and gave birth to my mum in australia (in 1959) therefore my mum is an italian citizen meaning I am too).

The worry I have is that when my mum got her citizenship recognised the consulate official recommended that my mum not register her divorce until after the consulate had recognised and registered her citizenship as she didn't know if the divorce certificate was enough to prove her divorce (divorces in australia are final and cannot be appealed as in the US once they have taken effect). So she put my mum down in AIRE as separated. Several months later after we were recognised as Italians my mum registered her divorce with the consulate, with the same official - the official still didn't know what document my mum needed to add along with the divorce cert. so she said "that is ok just give me the certificate" and she registered my mum's divorce, she told me not to worry and I assumed that things work like this in Italy as opposed to the very organised australian government.

As I worry a lot, I told my mum to go into the consulate about a year later to ask if her divorce cert. was ok etc and she spoke with another consular official who said "yes all is fine with your divorce cert. and all is complete." Having said all this they are still waiting on a response from my comune in Italy (my consulate let's you register in AIRE, have a passport etc once they themselves recognise your citizenship).

I am just concerned, I guess on the ethics of how they dealt with my mum's citizenship (I guess as I was recognised as an adult with my own appt. and therefore there was nothing "unethical/unorganised" with my application) but I can't help but worry if it were to have some negative effect on my Italian Citizenship, I mean the divorce has no effect on my or my mum's citizenship and essentially her divorce is now registered with AIRE and the consulate but it seems wrong although trivial the way she had to register her divorce several months later.

Any comments or ideas from anyone to keep my mind at ease, I see you are all well informed on the laws and regulations in regards to Italian citizenship and I would appreciate any comments/opinions. What do you think? Should I be worried?


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