Sabatini vs. Sabattini?

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Sabatini vs. Sabattini?

Post by msabattini » 02 Jun 2016, 23:08

Hi all,
On the birth records for my GGF and GG-uncles, it appears Sabatini and Sabattini are used almost interchangeably.
Why is that, and will that cause any difficulty with the Consulate when I go for my jure sanguinis appointment?
My GGF's birth record says Sabatini. However all his US documents say Sabattini, and everything for my GF, F, and me are also Sabattini.

I was told earlier by an esteemed member of this forum that it shouldn't be an issue, but to confirm with the Consulate. True to form, the Consulate did not respond to my inquiry. I do not trust the Consulate to be reasonable.
Anybody else in a similar situation? How did the Consulate react to the discrepancy?

Thank you!

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