Qualifying for Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Inquiry

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Qualifying for Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Inquiry

Post by nfanuele » 31 Jul 2016, 00:22

Hi! I know that I qualify for Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis through my maternal grandmother's side, and have already made an appointment with the consulate (April 25th) while also retrieving and requesting some documents. The only problem is that I'm afraid it may be impossible to recover my great-great grandparents' documents from Italy.

The alternative and much easier path towards dual citizenship would be to go through my paternal grandfather, which was a route I thought I confirmed a few years ago to be impossible due to my grandfather naturalizing before my father was born.

However, after reevaluating my paternal grandfather's case, there just might be a possiblility I qualify for Italian Citizenship through him. It has to do with the 1983 Italian Law that considers citizenship rights of people who naturalize with a foreign state as minors.

Here is the scenario in chonological order:

1. 1911 - My paternal grandfather, Rocco, was born in Italy.
2. 1913 - His father, Giuseppe (b.1879), immigrated to the United States, leaving Rocco in Italy.
3. 1922 - Giuseppe naturalized as a US citizen.
4. 1923 - Rocco immigrated to the United States, and was granted US citizenship upon arrival due to his father already having US citizenship.
5. c. 1925-1930 Giuseppe immigrated back to Italy and stayed their until his death in 1956, presumably reaquiring Italian citizenship.
6. My father (Rocco's son) was born in 1957.

If my great-grandfather reaquired Italian citizenship before my grandfather reached the legal age of adulthood (January 1932), would this act give his son the right to Italian citizenship thus passing it on to his ascendants?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Qualifying for Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Inquiry

Post by mler » 03 Aug 2016, 16:58

I think I read of a similar situation, but I don't have the details. Try posting at www.italiancitizebship.freeforums.org

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