help with difficult situation and protocol

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help with difficult situation and protocol

Post by italy50 » 09 Feb 2006, 08:22

I have a neighbor, elderly man, who has been going through the Chicago consulate, since about this time last year. here is the problem:

This man was born and raised in New York City, and almost all his family resides there. He moved to Florida in 1970, where he married a woman about 1973. However, the woman left him about 1979 and he moved to Chicago, where he has been ever since. She filed for divorce from him and remarried about 1987. she moved to Missouri. they had two children, who are now grown and married themselves, with children

The man had to send for his divorce decree from Florida, so as to complete his document requirements.

The man contacted the Consulate to get an update on his status, and was told that there was a "protocol" between the Miami Consulate and his comune in Italy. he was told by the Consulate official that the divorce he had, had to be "recorded" in the comune. the man asked if all the documents were ok and in order, and he was told yes. The consular told him the protocol was the only hold up in the process

So, the man asked the consular, "why is Miami involved in the process, since I am under Chiacgo jurisdiction"?. the consular simply said "apparently they are"

Does anyone have any idea what this protocol is about, and why the "other" consulate would be involved? Also, shouldn`t he receive his letter of recognition in the meantime, if the documents are in order?

Any ideas? anyone know of what it means to have a protocol and how long it will take?

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