Misspelling on marriage certificate

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Misspelling on marriage certificate

Post by PippaCouch » 07 Jan 2019, 22:36

Hello I have a question about a misspelling on a marriage certificate.

My great grandfather was called Antonio Dattoli and my great grandmother was called Francesca Perri.

I have located their marriage certificate but the names are spelt as follows:

Antonio Dattle
Francisco Perri

Will this be Ok? Do I need to get an amendment and if so how does one do this?


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Re: Misspelling on marriage certificate

Post by mgpuppo » 13 Jan 2019, 00:24

I don't know about your situation specifically, but I had a similar situation. My greatgrandfather was called Girolamo Benedetto and, although we haven't found the certificate yet, we have found the index where the certificate should be located and it shows as Girolamo di Benedetto.

Our lawyer said it should be no problem.

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