In search of my Grand-father Salvatore Cicolani

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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In search of my Grand-father Salvatore Cicolani

Post by coccodrillo » 07 May 2006, 17:14

I'm trying to find clues about my grandfather's fate.
His name was Salvatore Cicolani, and he was married with Elvira, who remained in Italy.
He was born in Scoppito, a small village near the town of L'Aquila, located in Abruzzo, central Italy.
We know that he went to USA two times: the first one in 1906, while the second and last time was in 1909.
Since then, nobody hasn't got any news about him. He was believed (and I remark: BELIEVED) dead, but we never knew were he was dead or the circumstances of the death.
Surfing, we found two records about a man named Salvatore Cicolani (you can follow link to the page: ellis island records for Salvatore Cicolani), who arrived in US in 1906 and 1909.
We downloaded the ship manifests, but we weren't able to read writing of the immigration officer.
Should you think you can have clues to help my research, please reply to this post.

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Re: In search of my Grand-father Salvatore Cicolani

Post by mler » 07 May 2006, 18:45

The writing is illegible. The only thing I was able to decipher:

On the 1906 records - he was staying with his brother-in-law, De Chir? Alberto at address Box 795.

On the 1909 records - There is mention of a Box 558 and someone named Maurizio. The man listed as Number 27 gave the same address, and I think there the P.O. Box was at Union Station.

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Re: In search of my Grand-father Salvatore Cicolani

Post by mfjp » 09 Jun 2006, 19:20

Hi Salvatore,

Jan 1906 manifest

The person that Salvatore was going to join was Alberto DeNumtis, his brother?-in-law in Universal PA?? . Alberto paid for the voyage.
There is a record of a Alberto DeNumtis (was in the USA from 1904 to 1916)
First Name: Alberto
Last Name: DeNumtis
Ethnicity: Italy
Last Place of Residence: Scoppito, Italy
Date of Arrival: Apr 26, 1916
Age at Arrival: 38y Gender: F Marital Status: W
Ship of Travel: Dante Alighieri
Port of Departure: Naples
Manifest Line Number: 0008 ... 3169100033

Feb. 1909 Manifest mentions that he would be joining his ??-in-law Alberto DeNuntis (again)
Possibly... Alberto's children... "Giovina" and Alfredo... ... 0166100272

Please do reply, hopefully, we could locate further info.


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Re: In search of my Grand-father Salvatore Cicolani

Post by nuccia » 15 Jun 2006, 06:34

Hi Maria..

I aplolise tot he poster but I needed to make sure you got this message...


I'm starting a new thread for you so hurry up and get off the phone so I can talk to you!

Nuccia :D

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