Help to find birth cert / parents

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Re: Help to find birth cert / parents

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Trying to find the birth registration of someone born in "Genova" in 1882 could be akin to the proverbial "finding a needle in a haystack".

This because the current city of Genova (or "Greater Genova" as it was known at the time) was created in 1926 upon the completion of a plan to create a new metropolitan city which started almost a century before.

The original city of Genova, very much alike to its long-standing rival and competitor Venezia, was divided into six "sestieri": Maddalena, Molo, Portoria, Prè, San Teodoro and San Vincenzo.

Around the half of the 19th century the neighbourhoods of Castelletto, Oregina and Lagaccio were added to the city.

In 1874 a Royal Decree forced the merger into the territory of the City of Genova of six neighbouring towns: Foce, Marassi, San Francesco di Albaro, San Fruttuoso, San Martino di Albaro and Staglieno.

In 1926 the Fascist regime brought along the consolidation of 19 neighbouring towns and cities into the metropolitan territory of Genova, against the wishes of the majority of their inhabitants.

Therefore Apparizione, Bavari, Bolzaneto, Borzoli, Cornigliano Ligure, Molassana, Nervi, Pegli (which absorbed Multedo in 1875), Pontedecimo, Pra', Quarto dei Mille, Quinto al Mare, Rivarolo Ligure, San Pier d'Arena, Sant'Ilario Ligure, San Quirico in Val Polcevera, Sestri Ponente (which absorbed San Giovanni Battista in 1923), Struppa and Voltri became part of the City of Genova, but all the birth, marriage and death records of all the above cities and towns until the date of their incorporations remained archived separately.

Thus in order to look for the birth record of anyone known to have been born in Genova before 1926 the researcher must navigate a real maze of many separate birth registries.
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Re: Help to find birth cert / parents

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Hi, I know Genova story, I searched in many neighbouring municipalities of Genova , but no all have the births on line. I suspect that foce could be right.. I searched in many but I found just a few of Rossetti so no very popular in the area, currently is popular the surname ... I also believe that in the past the people said Genova thinking to some commune in Liguria region, and Genova is the capital, and a big port of departure and anyone in the world knew Genova.. but maybe born in some Commune of Liguria territory.. maybe La Spezia province, or Savona province or Imperia (Oneglia + Porto Maurizio) province... from all Liguria the people went in foreign countries.. no just from Genova... but because Vincenzo Rossetti was a fisherman surely he was born in some coastal town of Liguria region...
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Re: Help to find birth cert / parents

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Im also guessing the same as you they both would have been very young boys that spoke very little English and gave the place of Genova as that’s was the place they departed from or as you said the capital.

I’ve started looking into the Switzerland as suggested but again no luck at all. The family still to this day are fishman that tradition runs deep and my 2 children are both named santo & Vincent that’s why I would love to find out where they come from but I honestly think I’m never going to find out where they come from as I just keep hitting brick walls.

I believe his dad ( Vincent’s ) Santo Rossetti was a policeman from family talk and the place Bediona has also been mentioned briefly but I have also looked there with no luck.
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