Help! requesting birth records from Comune di Corigliano-Rossano

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Help! requesting birth records from Comune di Corigliano-Rossano

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Hi there!

I'm struggling to get my grandfather's birth certificate, who was born in Rossano, Provincia di Cosenza (Comune Corigliano-Rossano).
I already have an old copy in my hands and I only need the updated version of it, so I can present it at the Italian Consulate. Having said that, I do have all the details (date and place of birth, parent's names).

I tried to reached out to them through email and sending a request over email without success. However, I'm not sure if I did any mistake and that's why I want to double-check the following information before sending the request over mail:

1. I'm confused with the addresses as I've seen different ones. Should I send my request to the following address?

Via Barnaba Abenante n. 35 - CAP 87064
Corigliano-Rossano (CS), Provincia di Cosenza

2. If not, where should I send it?
3. This is a general question, but to who do you address the request? To the Stato Civile or to the Comune di Corigiliano-Rossano?

Thank you in advance for all your help!
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Re: Help! requesting birth records from Comune di Corigliano-Rossano

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Here's the email address:

Here's the name of the official, (and her phone number) and her respective duties:

Dott.ssa Teresa Berardi – Ufficio Stato Civile - Pubblicazioni di matrimoni – Matrimoni civili –Unioni Civili – Convivenze di fatto – Matrimoni dall’estero – Cittadinanze – Separazioni e Divorzi consensuali ex art. 12 D. L. 132/2014 - Anagrafe - Emissione CIE - Elettorale –tel. 0983/8915321 (Corigliano centro)

Here's phone and fax numbers:

Telefono: Centralini - 0983/5291 – 0983/529623 - 0983/8915100
Fax: 0983 82145

Here's a link to the page where I found the above:
https://www.comune.corigliano-rossano.c ... ex&p=10376

Why not send an email and/or fax to Dott.ssa Berardi directly and see if you get further.
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