error on documents and dual citizenship

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error on documents and dual citizenship

Post by pecqsblendorio » 12 Dec 2006, 03:43

Hello Everybody,

I have been getting all the documents together to apply for dual citizenship. Today, I received my great-grandparents birth certificates and marriage certificate from Palo Del Colle. I have two problems, on my great-grandfathers marriage certificate there is an error, for the date of marriage it reads 28 dicembre 2000 (which is wrong) BUT on the top of the doccument where it has "Extract of the register of marriage" it has 1920 -- the year they were really married. It should read 28 dicembre 1920 . . . On my great-grandfathers birth certificate, next to date of birth it reads 28 febraio 1943 (which is wrong) and at the top of the document where it reads "extract of the register of birth" it has 1891, his actual year of birth.

Do I need to reapply for these certificates? Or, will the Italian consulate in Washington, DC accept these with the errors for my dual-citizenship application? Also, in regards to these two documents, are the signed pieces of paper acceptable for the birth and marriage certificates, or do I need a letter from Italy saying they are official? ( THey have the stamp and signature on the bottom).

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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