NYC Document Requirements

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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NYC Document Requirements

Post by AnotherCitizenToBe » 07 Apr 2007, 16:06

I'm sorry if this question is redundant, but getting accurate answers is a difficult chore.

I will be applying for Italian citizenship through the following lineage:

Grandfather, born in Italy in 1886, married in Italy circa 1908, emmigrated to US circa 1919. I am 98% certain of the comune in which these events took place and have requested (by letter) official copies of their birth and marriage records. He *may* have traveled between Italy and the US on more than one occasion, possibly as early as 1904. My grandfather may or may not have naturalized - a 1930 census record lists both he and my grandmother as "AL" (aliens). A "genealogical copy" of his New York Death Certificate indicates "Citizen of a foreign country? __No__". I have requested certified copies of any existing naturalization records from NARA; still waiting for them. If NARA comes up empty, I guess I will have to try for a "NO RECORDS" statement from USCIS.

Father, born in New Jersey in 1921. Died in Florida. I have ordered certified copies of his birth certificate from NJ Vital Records and Certified/Apostille'd death records from Florida.

Myself, born in New York, married in Connecticut. I have ordered certified copies of my birth and marriage certificates.

As I understand the requirements, I will need the following:

Grandfather's Italian birth certificate
Grandmother's Italian birth certificate
Grandparent's Italian marriage certificate

Certified copy of my grandfather's naturalization papers from NARA or a USCIS "NO RECORDS" statement (properly certified).

Father's New Jersey birth certificate, certified and apostille'd
Father's Florida death certificate, certified and apostille'd

My own New York birth and Connecticut marriage certificates, certified and apostille'd

Now, here is where it gets more difficult:

Grandfather's New York death certificate
Grandmother's New York death certificate
Mother's New York birth certificate
Parent's New York marriage certificate

Which of these need to be certified and apostille'd? I can enlist my mother's help in getting the latter two (I am not entitled to either under New York law), but as to my grandparents, without a court order I can only get "genealogical copies". A supervisor at NY Dept of Health said I should ask the Italian Consulate for an official letter documenting my "lawful right or claim" to these certificates - has anyone been able to get such a letter from the consulate in NYC? I really, really, don't want to have to go the court order route...

Also, I understand my 21 year-old son can apply simultaneously with me; other than his certified and apostille'd birth certificate from Florida, what else is required of him? An "APPLICATION FOR ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP JURE SANGUINIS" (form1) filled out in his own name? Anything else?

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Re: NYC Document Requirements

Post by VaDeb » 07 Apr 2007, 16:44

I will leave others to comment about the Italian citizenship requirements as I do not feel qualified to give advice on that subject.

I have read about a military obligation for young men who obtain citizenship. Have you explored the possibility of this obligation for your son? Just something to make sure you and he understand. Citizenship of any county gives you rights and responsibilities. Its good to know what they are.

Good luck with the process.


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Re: NYC Document Requirements

Post by mler » 07 Apr 2007, 17:20

Your list is complete. I believe there is no longer a draft in Italy, but if one should be reinstituted, all citizens (dual or not) will have to comply.

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