Well INformed and hit a break Wall, help please

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Well INformed and hit a break Wall, help please

Post by thegamut » 09 May 2007, 15:43

Hey everyone, hope all is well these days!
Let me explain my situation and post my inquiries to see if anyone can give me some hope.
1- Both my grandparents were born in Italy and Immigrated to Canada. I went throught all the history of the situation and all was going well until the one thing i would have never imagined came to be. I found out that my father and all his siblings renounced their citizenship as teenagers!!! An absolutely ridiculous thing to do, but I suppose it was a different time then (now why i didnt know this before doing all the rest of the research is that my father is 20years dead and I have not lived at home in several).

So now please help, give me some hope---Does anyone know details about getting Cit. through doing time in the Italian Armed forces? I spent so long lookin for the answer but to no avail:(
And what about after having lived in italy for an amount of time? Would that be a straight foward situuation?
Any other ideas are appreciate, thanks for takin the time.
Lovely days 2 all
Ciao a tutti

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Re: Well INformed and hit a break Wall, help please

Post by mler » 09 May 2007, 19:15

Serving in the Italian military would get you citizenship, but I'm not sure if it would affect your Canadian citizenship. Also, now that military service is no longer required in Italy, I do not believe they generally accept foreign volunteers.

As a descendent within two degrees, you can obtain citizenship after legally residing in Italy for three years. You would need to apply after your second year is completed and before your third year ends.

BTW, you say your grandparents came from Italy. Was your father born in Italy, too? If not, he didn't renounce citizenship.

If, however he was Italian and did renounce as a teenager, it wasn't ridiculous at all. He would have been as eager to obtain Canadian citizenship as you are now eager to obtain Italian citizenship. That's why he emigrated.

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