Chicago Consulate, Anyone?

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Chicago Consulate, Anyone?

Post by verofigo » 14 Jun 2007, 00:36

Well I am currently involved in the process of applying for dual citizenship. I at first thought I would have my mother apply but then I read that I can apply myself without going through her. The line is as such: great grandfather born in Italy and died before naturalizing; grandfather born in US and never formally renounced Italian citizenship; mother born in US (April 1946) and never formally renounced Italian citizenship; ME!

Am I good?

Also, if anyone is going through the Italian consulate in Chicago I would love to know exactly what they are requesting (they are not responding to me)

Coming from Italy within the next couple of days are my great-grandfather/mother's birth, baptismal, marriage certificates (in 6 languages).

Because of poor record keeping and language barriers, the surname exists as 3 versions (slight spelling errors; i.e. Centimano, Centomani, Centimani). I understand all documents with the surname need to be spelled exactly the same (From the great grandfather to me). Question: do I also need to worry about dates? For example, on my great grandfather's DC there is an estimated date of birth that is it necessary for this to be corrected?

Okay this is what I am collecting:

Great Grandfather: Birth, death, marriage certificates, letter of "NO Records"
Grandfather: Birth, death, marriage certificates
Mother: birth, , marriage certificates (death certificate of my father)
Me: birth certificate

Now, along with the Marriage Certificate does the Marriage application need to be submitted? Also, considering this is through paternity, is it necessary to provide all documents for the females (i.e. Great Grandmother, Grandmother)? Also, what is the Italian Citizenship Document? The Municipality in Italy that is sending the Italian Documents said that is a ridiculous request because the BCs clearly show Italian Citizenship.

WHAT ELSE? What exactly is the Chicago consulate asking for (Yes, I have seen the website but I feel I might get hit with something at the end of this that I had no idea I needed).? What are they willing to let slide, etc.? Also, I don't remember, does the Chicago Consulate translate the documents themselves?

I know these are a lot of questions, but hey, this is a long process and the help will only make it more efficient. I appreciate any advice that anyone can offer. If anyone is nearing the stage of completion even better!


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Re: Chicago Consulate, Anyone?

Post by mler » 14 Jun 2007, 21:32

Can't help you with the Chicago information, but you are definitely eligible. My son qualified exactly the same way except my grandfather did naturalize (his timing was good, though).

You are unlikely to need baptismal records as long as you have the birth certificates. The marriage application is also unnecessary as long as you have the certificate. (In some states, the certificate and license are combined.)

The date on your great grandfather's death certificate is unlikely to be an issue. After all, he did not supply that information, and errors were common. It's the birth certificate connection from generation to generation that is most critical.

The female line should not be necessary, but I do understand that some consulates are asking for it. However, since the females (with the exception of your mom) are not in the direct line, any problems obtaining their certificates or any discrepancies on their certificates should pose minimal difficulty.

As far as the name discrepancies are concerned, this is simply a judgment call; and, unfortunately, you won't know what they will say until they actually say it.

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Re: Chicago Consulate, Anyone?

Post by Cathynap » 17 Jun 2007, 01:02

Unfortunately it has taken up to 2 years in Chicago. They had some problems there. There is a thread on this: ... icago.html
Good luck!

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