Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Post by sonnenschein19 » 03 Aug 2007, 16:42

Morning all!

I'm trying to get myself Italian dual citizenship and I need to request copies of my great grandparents birth and marriage certificates from the Comune di Ripi. I put together a preliminary letter, which I actually wanted to send via e-mail to get information about costs. The e-mail address I found at info @ Doesnt seem to working.

I am pasting the text of my e-mail below. I'd appreciate your input on the following points:

1) Where should I send this (e-mail or as a hard copy)

2) Do I enclose money with it?

Dear Sir or Madam:
My name is James Sylvester, and I am a resident of the US at the above-mentioned address. I am writing this e-mail in English, my native language, and have asked a friend to translate it into Italian for your convenience. I am searching for information regarding my great grandfather, Giuseppe Silvestri, and great grandmother, Caroline Bernadi, both of whom were born in Ripi. I am requesting this information both because I would like to find out more about my family and because I would like to apply for Italian citizenship with Italy someday.
I would be very grateful if you could mail me copies of their birth certificates and their marriage certificate. Giuseppe was born March 19, 1876 and Caroline was born around November 30, 1875. Unfortunately, I don't know when they were married. As I may use these documents to file for Italian citizenship, I request they be certified and on the proper paper, at my own expense of course. Furthermore, as I was unable to locate information pertaining to the fees associated with this request, I ask you to please contact me at via e-mail with this information. As soon as I hear back from you, I plan on sending a copy of this e-mail and payment for whatever fees may be incurred in a pre-paid UPS envelope so that these materials can also be sent back to me at my own expense. All you need to is enclose the documents and send them off.
I thank you in advance for your kindness and efficiency.
Sincerely your,
James Sylvester


Egregi Signori,

mi chiamo James Sylvester ed abito negli Stati Uniti all’indirizzo sopradetto. Scrivevo questo e-mail in inglese, la mia lingua madre, ed ho domandato una amica di tradurlo in italiano quindi sarebbe più commodo per Lei. Cerco informazioni sul mio bisnonno, Guiseppe Silvestri, e sulla mia bisnonna, Caroline Bernardi, tutte due nati nel commune di Ripi. Cerco questa informazione perché vorrei venire a sapere la storia della mia famiglia ed anche per ottenere la cittadinanza Italiana.

Vi sarei molto grato se poteste spedirmi l’estratto dell’atto di nascita del mio bisnonno ed della mia bisnonna, ed anche i dati personali degli sposi. Guiseppe è nato al 19 Marzo 1876, e Caroline è nata intorno al Novembre 1875. Purtroppo, non so per niente quando sono stati sposati, neanche apprositivamente.

Perché vorrei utilizare questi documenti per l’applicazione della cittadinanza Italiana, farei la richesta di ottenere questi documenti come una copia certificata, eppure stampato sulla carta appropriata. In oltre, vorrei chiedere di contattarmi via sopradetto e-mail per farmi sapere quando sone le spese. Appena di ricevere una risposta, andrò spedire una copia di questo e-mail ed il pagamento per le spese incorrete in una busta UPS pagato in anticipo, cosí i documenti possono spediti più frettolosamente e le spese saranno accollate da me directamente. Quello che rimane a fare è solamente di accludere i documenti e spedirli a me.

Vi ringrazio in anticipo per la vostra gentilezza ed efficienza.

Distinti saluti,

James Sylvester

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Re: Records

Post by corrado » 05 Aug 2007, 01:17

hey boys and girls no input on this.

james that is a rather long missive, i used the very simple minded letter on the internet. very short let see, but you translated it into italian and both and enblish and italian, that is good.
I never send money, the send the ESTRATTO on "free paper", if they need tax stamps I belive we can buy them from the consulate.

my only suggesting is to short the thing up a little they are very busy, at the officio di stato civile in every comune, they do more then just issue certificates.

oh i don't send emails, me thinks they don't really care for that, hard copy by snail mail is the best! put a 90 cent stamp on it and mark it air-mail

Ufficio di stato civil
comune de Ripi
Piazza Guido Baccelli, 1
Ripi 03027

that should get there and good luck, let us know how it turns about, you should bet a response in 1 to 6 weeks depending on your luck.

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