My uncle declaration of intention, petition and naturalizion

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My uncle declaration of intention, petition and naturalizion

Post by ricbru » 10 Nov 2007, 15:57

Hello everyone,
I'm sure many of you know how to help me.
Since I would like to make a nice Christmas present to my 72 year old dad, I'm looking for Francesco Paolo BRUNO (his brother) alien registration card, declaration of intention, petition and naturalization record.
Francesco Paolo Bruno died on 1995.
Thanks to Cathy Napolitano I have my uncle index naturalization card, so I contacted Nara's Pacific region where I found a person in charge, Gloria Legaspi, who is going to send me the only paper they have, his petition paper.
So now I need his alien registration card, declaration of intention and naturalization record.
I know all these papers are kept to Naturalization record center in Lee Summit, Mo, where last June I have requested the complete file (ICE);
I recently knew that they will take about 18 months to reply you (I hope they don't forget me, I should receive some papers by the end of the next year 2008!!!)
Also I wrote last July to Homeland security located at 111 Massachussets Ave in Washington DC, requesting the certificate of naturalization record.
I have the track number and nothing else.
I know from Washington DC they do reply faster than Lee Summit (2 or 3 months) but I had no answers yet.
I don't know what to do :cry: , I know for sure (because it is written on the card) his petition was filed in US District court of San Francisco, I don't know where he filed the declaration of intention, and I don't know who issued the naturalization certificate.
These are the informations I have:

Frank Paul BRUNO (name changed from Francesco Paolo BRUNO)
Born in : Trapani, Italy on 27th February 1930
Arrived from Italy : on February 1956
Residing at: Route 1, Box 238, Colma, CA.
Date of application for naturalization: 21st November 1961
Petition number: 149752
Application filed to: U.S. District Court at San Francisco, California
Alien Registration No: A 10 346 149
Died on : 25th June 1995 in California

Please help me to make this Christmas present to my dad!
Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated
Have a nice wee end,
bye Riccardo :lol:

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