Non-Italian spouse divorce

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Non-Italian spouse divorce

Post by JMFL » 17 May 2008, 18:54

Good afternoon everyone. I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. I am applying for my citizenship. I have all the documents certified, apostilled and translated. I have only been married once, to my present husband. We have been married more than 3 years so he will be applying for Italian Citizenship with me, or, once my citizenship is recognized. Here is my concern:

I have the documents for our marriage and also for his divorce. Will I need to also supply the records from his first marriage? (Neither he nor the ex-wife are Italian, and there were no children from that marriage).

I've emailed the consulate but I haven't heard back from them. I have also tried to look it up online, but the divorce questions seem to relate only to the applicant or to the direct blood line.

Any comments are appreciated.

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Re: Non-Italian spouse divorce

Post by elba » 17 May 2008, 23:14

I dealt with the required translations for a similar case some time ago. Proof of the dissolution of a previous marriage by divorce was required to show that the current marriage was in fact legitimate.

For this reason the consulate required a full translation to accompany the American divorce paperwork. Of course I'm talking about late 2006 and laws may have changed, but I somehow doubt it. Citizenship laws seem to be carved in tablets of stone.
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