Carrozza family of Monreale, Palermo, Sicily

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Carrozza family of Monreale, Palermo, Sicily

Post by James Snavely » 21 Dec 2015, 23:23

Has any direct male descendent of this line taken a Y-DNA test?

One branch of the family in the United States (Chicago Area) spells the name Carrozzo.

Line goes
Nicola Carrozza
Pietro Carrozza (died between 1591 and 1608)
Guglielmo Carrozza (1569-1623)
Vincenzo Carrozza (1592-[between 1657 and 1683])
Marco Carrozza (1630-1683)
Vincenzo Carrozza (1676-1729)
Giovanni Carrozza (1704-[between 1754 and 1775])
Rocco Carrozza (1728-1797)
Ignazio Carrozza (1777-1848)
Giuseppe Carrozza (1805-[between 1880 and 1901])
Giuseppe Carrozza (1844-1901)
Salvatore Carrozza (1884-1959) Mary Carrozza Massaro (1887-1977) and Augustino Carrozzo (1889-1981)

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