Cassino from Moliterno, Potenza

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Cassino from Moliterno, Potenza

Post by cocolicious » 04 Aug 2008, 00:56

Ciao a tutti! Hi I'm researching my great-grandfather's family to find any family I may have in Italy. This is the info I have on him:

Angelo Cassino
August 10th, 1893 - January 23rd 1956

He made the way to the states and to the Dominican Republic where he owned a Jewelry store.

If any one has any info please don't hesitate to share it here!


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Re: Cassino from Moliterno, Potenza

Post by PeterTimber » 04 Aug 2008, 01:39

Go to your nearest Mormon church family history library and rent out the microfilm for Moliterno covering all births, marriages and deaths from 1809 to 1910 on microfilm. Go to for the library nearest your home. It is about $5.00 to rent and may I suggest you bring along a small companionbook Discovering your Italian Ancestors by lynn Nelson. Alsobring along a magnifying glass with you. You can make copies and even make a CD of the records at the facility. =Peter=

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Re: Cassino from Moliterno, Potenza

Post by turri » 15 Aug 2008, 07:04

Had the film so I look it up for you:

FHC Film: 1964902
Atti di Nasciti (Civil Birth Records for Moliterno,Italy 1893)
Book:1 / Record:169
Childs Name: Angelo Cassino
Mother's Name: Filomena lagrutta (age:19 occupation:contadina)
Father's Name: Francesco Cassino (age:30 occupation:contadino)
Date of Birth: 1893 /10 /10
Residence: Via Nazionale 77,Moliterno,Italy

I read the birth date as October the 10th, but I could be wrong.

Also see the wikipedia page as it mentions a marriage database that you may be able to use to find the parents.

Good luck in your search


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