tracing relatives

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tracing relatives

Post by browngirl » 18 Aug 2003, 17:21

thankyou I do not mean to been a pain
This is very important to me as I never got to know my grandmother she died when my mum was only 4 years old. My grandfather never told us any of his background.
I am trying to trace his family. I only have a few things to go on. When I get to the site with the maculans the names are in english put everything else is in italian. I have a letter whcih my sister gottranslated in which my grandfathers niece wrote to him many year ago. Her name is Antonietta Maculan the address that she put on the letter dated back in1957 wasVia Riva Centrale, Provincia Vicenza. I know that he was supposed to have left her his house that he had in Vicenza.
I also know that he came to Australia by boat with my grandmother but they were not married at the time. They married later in Rosewood Queensland on 5th December 1931. He went to Rosewood to live from Italy. His brother was t suppose to have come to Australia for a while but did not like the weather and returned to Italy. His fathers name was Francesco Maculanand his mothers name Antonia Bagio(that is what it says on the marrage certificate).My grandmothers maiden name was Maria Sbeghen born 1 march 1911 Piovene Vincenza Italy.Fathers name Cesare Sbeghen and mothers name Emilia Targon. My grandfather,Pio Maculan was born 16th May 1904 Centrale Vicenza Italy. Other names on the marriage certificate are Arcangelo Zandegiocomo,Angelina(I think writing hard to understand)Sbeghen dated on the marrage certificate 5th December 1931.

Cesara Sbeghen born 1884 died 28/10/62 age 78
Emilia Targon born 1883 died 28/7/59 age 76

What I am trying to do is trace down the relatives in Vicenza on both sides. I think that Antoniette would be around 60 to 70 years old.
Someone did say that we were supposed to be related to the famous soccer player but that is all I know. There must be relatives of my grandfather youger ones on mean with the Maculan. I know he had a few brothers sisters I am not sure of but they would probably be quite old by now or may be dead.

I also know that they grew grapes and made wine as my grandfather brang some grapes with him to Australia and grew them to eat.
Well getting late know must go.
Hope you can help. I am most grateful
Julie :)

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Post by ptimber » 18 Aug 2003, 19:44

The best thing for you to do is buy or borrow from your public library a book titled Italian genealogy records by Trafford R. Cole and that will tell you in english what you want to know and explain documents in italian to you in english. Research is not conducted in very great depth here just cursory checks and nothing more than that unless some persons wants to do your family tree for you it is up to you !! Peter

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Re: tracing relatives

Post by zande » 09 Feb 2012, 22:34

Hi Julie,

I can see that this post is from a while ago. But I just stumbled on it when researching my husbands family tree. Emilia Targon was my husbands great-great grandmother. Angelina Sbeghen and Michele Arcangelo Zandegiacomo della Morte were his grandparents. I don't know much about the Angelina's side, except that Emilia Targon and Cesare Sbeghen were her parents. Would love to share details etc if you are still on this site :)


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