Croce - Looking up Croce Relatives

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Re: Croce - Looking up Croce Relatives

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Okay thanks. Sunday on my day off I'll be trying to locate more. In the meantime I'm always willing and grateful for any more information.

Thank you all for all of your help and everything, it has been greatly appreciated by me and my entire family.
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Re: Croce - Looking up Croce Relatives

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I have a question about Antonio Croce and the people living in his house in the late 1930s.

According to the 1936 Lebanon Directory, Antonio was a foreman at the Keystone Macaroni Factory and lives at 609 Maple with his wife Carmela and Donald, Rudolph, Arth, Anna, Geraldine, Christine. But...listed underneath is a "Jas Croce" who's listed as a laborer at Keystone Macaroni Factory and lives at the same address.

I'm wondering if this is James Alford Croce of Philadelphia? He seems to disappear in the Philadelphia area and I found this name listing in Lebanon. Interestingly, 'Jas Croce' disappears from the Lebanon directories after 1939 and surprisingly shows up in Philadelphia again.

Does anyone know anything about 'Jas Croce' that lived with Antonio Croce?

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