(De) Benedetto da Cataforio (Reggio Calabria)

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(De) Benedetto da Cataforio (Reggio Calabria)

Post by apiapibij » 12 Jan 2009, 07:16

Su www.benvanrijswijk.com/debenedetto sono i primi resultati di una ricercha che ho fatto nello Stato Civile di Cataforio nella provincia di Reggio Calabria.

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Re: (De) Benedetto da Cataforio (Reggio Calabria)

Post by nuccia » 13 Jan 2009, 22:30

Hi Ben,

I received your email and looked at your websites. They are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us and I have posted the links on my sites.

Congratulations on a job well done!
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Re: (De) Benedetto da Cataforio (Reggio Calabria)

Post by wldspirit » 14 Jan 2009, 04:25

It won't be long and you will have all of Reggio Calabria on the web Nuccia...... :lol: But all joking aside....you and the team are doing a fantastic job and the contribution of free transcriptions is a real plus to those searching for family history.

Now just out of curiousity.....how soon are you going to take on the Marche and save me loads of research!!! :P

Outstanding site Ben....congratulations!!
Lee :D

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Re: (De) Benedetto da Cataforio (Reggio Calabria)

Post by Emacksgirl95 » 02 Jul 2014, 15:34


My name is ToniAnn Mattaliano and I am the Great Granddsughter of Domenica De Benedetto. She is the daughter of Francesco De Benedetto and Giuseppa Libri. They had two other daughters Carmela De Benedetto and Francesca De Benedetto. The family appears in this Geneology chart. I was thrilled to find my great grandmothers family.
She married Demetrio Serraino and they immigrated to the US.
I amso interested in contacting anyone on this tree!


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