Adoption from Avellino area

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Adoption from Avellino area

Post by carmine1917 » 23 Jan 2009, 03:59

My family is Speranza from Avellino. They were not adopted, that is a surname. Their are still Speranza's that live in Avellino. My great-grandmother was Constanza Speranza. However, her husband, my great-grandfather WAS ADOPTED by her aunt and uncle. His father was the mayor of the town who had an affair with his married mother. He was given up for adoption and given the name Sommario. Someone told my Mom that in Italy, they would add on to the last name, that his last name was Somma.

I have their marriage record and it says Giuseppe Sommario was from Monteforte. I ordered records for the year he was born. I do have records of birth from Avellino, there is no Sommario, but many Speranza's.

Yes, I have always known the last name Esposito to be one of adopted children. My friend is an Esposito and Sicilian. However, one of my other great-grandmothers last name is Esposito from Rome and she was not adopted.

So, it is safe to say every region has a different way of doing things.

My question is this, my grandfather knew who his parents were, but he had to be adopted. His father was the mayor and his mother was married. So, where would I find the records of his birth or adoption?

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