Comeses Mediolancy -Casanova

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Comeses Mediolancy -Casanova

Post by Kazanowscy » 27 Jan 2009, 23:19

I have hit a dead end. My family name is Kazanowski and believe it or not the common thought is that they are of Italian orgin! The current thinking is that the name was transformed from Casanova to Kazanowa (ski is a Polish ending denoting, in the 14th century, nobility) The phonectics are correct and it does seem as though it is a correct translation.
In the 16th century Bishop Jezy Denhoff gave a sermon in which he proclaimed that the family descended from the "Komesis Mediolancy". Through my research, I realize that this could mean Counts of Milan or Government official of Milan. Either way, I am trying to find more information on the Casanova.
I know that they are decended as a house of the Fieschi of Genoa and are thus related to the Della Torre (Torriano) of Valsassina(Fieschi branched into 9 new houses abt. mid 1200) What I do not know is what possible interactions they had with the families who held the title of Counts of Milan, or what part they played in it's government.
Since families tend to stay in occupations that are familiar to them after a migration, I am to suppose that they were familiar in the military, court and senate of Kings as this is the areas of thier participation upon arrival in Poland.
Any information anyone has about the Casanova around Milan in the years 1200-1350 would be helpful, even a small clue may help. Thank-you

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