Search in Genova - Visco Family

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Search in Genova - Visco Family

Post by lauriv » 06 Apr 2009, 03:22

Hi everybody and thanks in advance for your help.

I don't know where to start so I will really appreciate any suggestion.
I am looking for my great-grandfather's act of birth. I am 99,9% sure
that he lived in Genova, Liguria.
As I am moving to London in a couple of weeks, I will personally go to Genova to find it. I just want to have more clues about it.

I am looking for Onofrio Visco. He was born in 1860.
Name of his father: Gioacchino Visco
Name of his mother: Francesca Sarni
Onofrio Visco emigrated to Argentina in 1899. I guess the whole family moved here as the records say that 37 people with that surname came to Buenos Aires.
He married Nicoletta Menutti in Buenos Aires.

I know I need to go to churches as he was born before 1861.
But... Where should I start?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Search in Genova - Visco Family

Post by aliza24 » 06 Apr 2009, 22:53

If I were you I would put aside the research in Italy for now. It's MUCH easier to get information from the LDS microfilms then it is from Italy. And many churches don't even allow access to their records. Plus, if you are not 100% sure of the exact town then you could waste a lot of time and money for nothing.

Here's what I would do- as soon as you are in London, find the nearest FHC (family history center) to you. You can locate this on (Click on library up top. Then click on 'family history centers'.)

They do have some church records in there as well as a few other films. I would check them first.

Unfortunately, it looks like the civil records in the LDS catalog for Genova only go back as far as 1866. Do you know if your ancestor had any younger siblings? Hopefully born after 1865? If so, you can look for their birth records at least.

And if your ancestor's parents stayed in the area you might be able to find their death records.

It might be hard to find records though if you don't know the exact area. There a lot of frazioni in Genova and you'd have to know which films to order.

But even if you had to order several films I think you will have a better chance of getting further that way then wandering around Genova trying to get information from the churches. You could narrow your search down.

Hope this helps,

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