New to Forum. Hello Everyone.

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New to Forum. Hello Everyone.

Post by Marini24 » 08 Apr 2009, 02:26

Hi folks,

This is my first post and I am not that IT savvy so I apologize up front if this issue was disused in a post that was sitting right in front of my face, but I promise you I searched and could not find it.

Basically I am looking for advice on hiring a Professional Researcher to help me with a family tree project. I have some pretty good starting off info, for instance I have the names and places of birth of my Grandparents who left Italy and all four of their parents names and places of birth (mostly from Ellis Island records). I would like to see how far I could go back, but if I had to prioritize, I am mostly interested in the last 200 years of history (churches where marriages were held, possible addresses of homes) because work is sending me to Italy this June (I know poor me right). Anyway, due to time constraints I would like to know if anyone could recommend a Pro, if that is even allowed on this site. Apologies if it is not.

Oh yeah, I also have a sweet WWI record about 24 inches by 16 inches that was sent to me by the Military Attache at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC, that I would love info on. What battles my great grandfather was in. Looks like he was a Alpini but I can’t understand the other stuff.

Thanks again!

Mike Marini
Grandson and Great-Grandson of:

Marini ’s, Lulli ’s, Fatello ’s, and Lombardi ’s from Palestrina, Lazio, Italy circa 1910.

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Re: New to Forum. Hello Everyone.

Post by gloegrl1 » 08 Apr 2009, 11:32

I'm new myself, but I think there are several experts that post regularly on this site that are researchers. A really kind Italian lady with the screenname "Suanj" was super helpful and I believe she is a researcher. There is a link to her website on all of her posts. The testimonials look great.
Good Luck!

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Re: New to Forum. Hello Everyone.

Post by trevisan2 » 08 Apr 2009, 12:08

There are a many great professional reseachers for hire, and many more that serve all of us for free.

Most researchers work in specific regions of Italy. I've used several researchers over the past 20 years, and I do aspects of my own research.

I would contact Their rates are in US dollars.

Another options is for you to do your own research, because there are films available from the family history library and in some cases on
The steps of doing your own research is as follows:

1. Find the location of the last ancestor that came from Italy and the town in Italy. This can be done with the help of the FORUM or from family sources.

2. Check with to see if records are available and order in the microfilms.

3. Print off word lists available under Library on the Family History site and learn the basic words on the research process. Also, there are guides on how to research all types of Italian records.

4. Have one of us on the Italian Forum help you get started and supervise you for the first month and from time to time.
I am currently teaching six people translate their records. Anyone with a desire can learn. I donate my time to all that want to learn.

Researching in the provincia di Treviso, Italy, Provaglio Sopra, Val Sabbia of Brescia.
Domege di Cadore, Cavalo, Fumane, Verona

Forno di Rivara, TO, Canischio, TO

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Re: New to Forum. Hello Everyone.

Post by nuccia » 08 Apr 2009, 16:39

There are several excellent researchers on this board and as stated by the others, the best thing to do would be to read through the posts - most will have websites/signatures that could identify them as "professional researchers". In all fairness, there are so many excellent researchers here that it would be an insult (in my opinion) to choose any one person.

However, having said that, there are posters who have provided testimonials about the wonderful service they received from one person or the other. Have a look through the site and I think you will be pleased.

Good luck :)
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