Trouble finding certificates from LDS Microfilms -- Palermo

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Trouble finding certificates from LDS Microfilms -- Palermo

Post by achemistspy » 22 Apr 2009, 16:02


I'm new to the whole genealogy and just visited my local family history center last month. I found indexes for Palermo, and found my ancestors there.

For example, in Microfilm # 1350813, Births A-Z 1876-1885 Palermo, I found:

Melodia Carmela -- Leopoldo -- Sparta Giuseooa-- 1 aprile 1877-- uff. 2-- v. 199-- n.1005

I then ordered Microfilm # 1963631, for Nati 1876 (cont.)-1879. I started looking in the 1877 files, and am extremely confused! There seems to be many small books that were microfilmed, and as far as finding a certificate number 1005, none of the books had numbers that went past 300 something!

Did I misinterpret what the n. means on the index? What does uff. 2 mean? Could that have something to do with why I can't find the person I'm looking for?

If I went through all the 1877 births, hypothetically, would she be in there? Is there an easier way to find her? Thanks!

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Re: Trouble finding certificates from LDS Microfilms -- Pale

Post by nazca » 24 Apr 2009, 17:51

Hi and welcome to the forum,
"uff. 2-- v. 199-- n.1005"

Uff. = Office
v. = number of the volume
n.1005 is the progressive number of vital records in that volume or in that year.
Birth Index records are typed, volume of vital records are "handwriting". You'll find "declaration of birth" date time, relatives, witness, place of birth (address) and so one....
the easy way to find your record is to search the number (n.1005) in that pages...

good luck
I'm searching lost relatives and descendant of my greatgrandfather Vincenzo Genualdi (or Gennaldi or Genuardi) and my greatgrandmother Concetta Davola (their sons: Angela, Carmela, Antonio, Bartolomeo, Ernesto, Simone, Riccardo, Maria) went in Chicago,Ill., and New Orleans, in 1880-1920 from Sicily. Other family related : Jacobucci or Jacopucci (from Central Italy).

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