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Here is all the info I have on my family from Italy---ANY info would be very appreciated-- thanks Susan

looking nfor information on my family name in Italy-- Do you have any information on my family name- Here is the information I have. Thanks Susan

A copy of a letter I sent to a Military school in Napoli

My name is Susan Strober . I live in USA. I am trying to find information about my Great Grandfather. Please let me know if your school has ANY information on him working at this school or attending this school. Here is the information I have on him.
His name: Francesco Arminio Monfort. ( please nete that he may have spelled his name differently when he lived in Italy) He may not have used Monfort- or he may have spelled it as Monforte.
I am told he worked at this school as like a DEAN in about the years up until around the years 1885-1905 when he left to the USA. I am told he got into some sort of trouble when a fire broke out at the school. He & his family had alot of money. When he fled to the USA he had 75,000.00 ( that was alot of money back then) His wife was named Alforna. Her Maiden name was SALVATI. I am told her brother was like a general in the Italy Military ( General Salvati).... Francesco & his wife had 6 children. Nicholas, John, Tesse, Clara, Elvira.. ( these are the first names they used in the USA.... They all used the middle name ARMINIO when they came to USA... I am told they took alot of thier money and left a large estate & land when they came to the USA. They were not leaving Italy for a better life becuase they were very wealthy italy-- but thyey left to avoid getting into some sort of militay trouble. ( I never got the whole story).
But If you could please check the records of the late 1800's and see if you have any record of my Great Grandfather , Francesco Arminio Monforte. I would be very, very grateful....You may also want to check Francesco Arminio-- or use variations you think he may have used. Please reply and let me know if you can help.
Thank You,
Susan Strober
e mail me at nodrog4464@aol.com

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