Port of Naples Records

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Re: Port of Naples Records

Post by PippoM » 15 May 2013, 07:44

The records of your GP's travel might be in Ellis Island Database.
If you can post their complete names, we can search for you.
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Re: Port of Naples Records

Post by ralphr1959 » 31 May 2013, 08:51

Sure..but i did try that..

Pietro (Peter) Giovanni Reporto (or Riporti or Riporto). Born December 30, 1878. I was told he (as Riporto) was from the Avellino province, the municipality of Forino (village of Celis aka Celzi). He was born December 30, 1878, died March 3, 1941 in Chicago. His father Gennaro Riporto? Mother Anna Filomena Valentino? I was also told he (under Pietro Riporti) was from Cesninali, Avellino, Italy.

I was also told that my grandmother (Pietro's spouse) - Jennie (or Giovanina) DelVecchio was from the Salerno province. Born 7/24/1881 or 1880 or 1882 (per her Alien Registration Certificate), in the municipality of Bracigliano. Jennie’s father is Albert DelVecchio? Sister Assunta? Jennie died Dec 24, 1967 in Chicago.

Pietro and Jennie supposedly came to America together in 1906 and arrived in New York (cannot find either in Ellis Island passenger lists and not sure they traveled together or what names they used). And Jennie was pregnant. She was rumored to have my Aunt Annie Reporto (somewhere sometime somebody changed their name)in New York December 29, 1906 (or New Jersey).

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When did Naples become sending port for ships bound for U.S.

Post by boscodesc » 15 Nov 2013, 18:02

To anyone on list as to history of port of Naples,

I understand that few ships bound for America originated in Naples until after 1880. I seem unable to find more specific information, other than that the port was in decline after unification and that few ships bound for America were registered Italian and thus used other ports (though I don't understand why they wouldn't stop in Naples). My ancestor came to America in 1866 and was a traveling musician originally from Marsicovetere in Basilicata. It is more likely he left from Le Havre, Liverpool, or Marseilles, which seem to be the originating ports on most passenger lists of this era. I can't understand why I see nothing from Naples until much later than 1866.

Does anyone know some history of the port of Naples that might help clear up this confusion?

Thank you,

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Re: Port of Naples Records

Post by joetucciarone » 04 Apr 2015, 13:17

One of my great-great-great-aunts arrived in New York on December 5, 1873. She left Agnone to join her husband who was mining coal in Ohio. The manifest said that her ship, the Egypt (operated by the National Line), had originated in Liverpool.

Does anyone know what steamship companies operated between Italy and Liverpool in 1873?

Thanks in advance for any help . . .


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