Antonacci Family of Sarno Italy

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Antonacci Family of Sarno Italy

Post by renegade » 18 Dec 2003, 17:47

I am researching the Antonacci Family of Sarno Italy. The particular individual I am trying to get information on is as follows:

Name: Giovanni Antonacci
DOB: 20 Jul 1882
POB: Sarno, Italy
Immigrated to USA: 27 Feb 1893

This individual arrived in the US in the company of 2 siblings:

Salvatore 7yo male

Raffaele 14yo female

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Post by ptimber » 18 Dec 2003, 18:03

If you go to the family History Library of the mormon church nearest your home and request microfilm for Sarno civil records which shuld date back to 1809 to 1910. You can then trace back your family. if you so choose you can also write to Sarno at postale 84087, Provincia Salerno and request documents for specific persons and events such as the certificato di Stato di Famiglia storico in which you would request in the name of Giovanni's father and that will give yyou the composition of the entgire family by births,marriages and deaths, if any. Should you wish to trace curfrent relatives then there is at your disposal. Peter

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