Searching Palombo/Valente from Detroit, MI

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Re: Searching Palombo/Valente from Detroit, MI

Post by joelpalombo » 20 Jan 2017, 03:17

I stumbled upon this Palombo, Villa Latina, Riopelle, Detroit posting. My father grew up on Riopelle St in Detroit. My grandfather, Michele Palombo (born in Villa Latina in 1879) raised his family there. My father recalls the address as 709 Riopelle St. (Could the address have changed? Could these be cousins living on the same street? I’ve been to Villa Latina. It’s very small.) Any insights on how these people are related would be helpful. This is what I know:

Michele Palombo married to Rosa DePasquale (also written DiPasquale), his father was Luigi Palombo (22nd October 1848) married to Maria Vittoria Rossi(June 7, 1844), Luigi’s father was Domenico Palombo married to Domenica D’Agostino.

Looking forward to hearing form you! Joel

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Re: Searching Palombo/Valente from Detroit, MI

Post by adriana295 » 17 Aug 2018, 23:18

Hi sorry for the delayed reply!!
I don’t know much about the Detroit relations that are there now.
Pretty much everyone in VL is Palombo, Pacitti or Valente so research can be tricky!
Only person I can’t find on anything is Filomena Palombo. Trying to get more details on where my Great Grandfather lived when he was there.
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