Anthony W. Vaccaro

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Anthony W. Vaccaro

Post by Bethie » 16 Aug 2009, 23:12

We would all be happy to help
You may want to start your own post so your family doesn't get mixed in with another family.
(The new topic button is just below this post)
There is a family site for your Anthony Vaccaro on ancestry. com (with pictures) - but it doesn't have any records attached.
Do you have any of your US records?
Thanks! Valarie

on ancestry. com

Hlubik Family Tree

Celestino Vaccaro

Teresa Primiano

Giuseppe Vaccaro
Alessandro Vaccaro
1881 – 1960
Anthony W. Vaccaro
1890 – 1944
Mary Michele Vaccaro
1892 –
Carolina Vaccaro
1900 – 1990

Anthony W. Vaccaro
Birth 2/22/1890 in Bonefro, Molise, Italy
Death 3/24/1944 in New Rochelle, New York

Rose DiStaolo
1896 – 1974

Corrado L. Vaccaro
1918 – 1990
Alba Teresa Vaccaro
1919 –
Laura Maria Vaccaro
1921 –
Lucia Rose Vaccaro
1923 –
Charles Abraham Vaccaro
1928 – 1999

Hi Valerie,
this is my family! My mother is Alba Terese Vaccaro. Also, we might want to note that my Uncle Charlie was christened Celestino (apparently after his grandfather) but changed his name to Charles when he joined the military.
The Hlubiks are cousins of mine; their mother is Laura.
I can fill in some information about my family.

Alba Terese Vaccaro
b: New Rochelle, NY, May 7 1919
married: Eugene Stanislaus Willenbring (b: Richmond, MN 11/13/1920; d: 2/24/2007, Bennington, VT)
Barry Anthony (1946)
Brian John (1948)
Bruce Stanislaus (1950)
Brad Gerard (1953)
Beth Terese (Willenbring Welton) (1954)
Blair Theodore (1958)

This is a great start! thanks so much!

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Re: Anthony W. Vaccaro

Post by vj » 17 Aug 2009, 13:00

Hello Beth!
Thank you so much for the update
We'll see what else we can find for you

Here are some possible records you may not have

1930 census

Home in 1930:
28 Pleasant Street, owns $10,000
New Rochelle, Westchester, New York

head Anthony Vaccaro 40, abt 1890 IT
- has radio
- married age 26, abt 1916-18
- immig 1913, Na (naturalized citizen)
- laborer, garden
wife Rose Vaccaro 33, abt 1897 NY
son Corrado Vaccaro 12, abt 1918 NY
daughter Alba Vaccaro 11, abt 1919 NY
daughter Laura Vaccaro 8, abt 1922 NY
daughter Lucia Vaccaro 7, abt 1923 NY
son Celestino Vaccaro 2, abt 1928 NY

living with wife Rose's parents?

1920 census

Home in 1920:
19 Russell Avenue
New Rochelle Ward 2, Westchester, New York

head Anthony Vaccaro 29, abt 1891 IT
- rents
- immig 1913, Al
- motorman, electric railroad
wife Rosie D Vaccaro 2, abt 1897 NY
son Corrado L Vaccaro 1 8/12, abt 1918 NY
daughter Alba T Vaccaro 9/12, abt 1919 NY

head Joseph A Distaslo (Distaolo) 41, abt 1879 IT
- owns house
- immig 1890, Na 1897
- street cleaning, city
wife Mary Distaslo 41, abt 1879 IT
- immig 1887, Na 1897
son Martin Distaslo 18, abt 1902
daughter Jennie Distaslo 14, abt 1906
daughter Marie Distaslo 12, abt 1908
son Patsy Distaslo 10, abt 1910

1917 WWI Draft Registration Card

Anthony Vaccaro 27
9 Russell Ave, New Rochelle, Westchester, NY
Born: 22 Feb 1890 in Bonefro Campobasso (Molise) Italy
Alien, Italian Citizen
Occupation: Motorman for Westchester Railroad Co in New Rochelle
Support: wife
Military: Corporal Army Italy

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Re: Anthony W. Vaccaro

Post by vj » 17 Aug 2009, 14:08

This may help you locate family currently living in Italy.

White pages:

LDS Family Search Letter Writing Guide

Form Letter to a Possible Relative

And, in case you're interested in researching your family in Italian records

Family Records in Italy

Research in Bonefro by writing to the comune (there's no charge):

Italian form letter generator with instructions: ... civile.asp


Comune di Bonefro
Ufficio dello Stato Civile
Piazza Municipio 1
86041 Bonefro CB

Website for finding comune addresses:

Your nearest Family History Center has records for Bonefro on microfilm.
The cost is about $6 mo (rent), you’ll need to go to the center to order & view them.

Family History Library Catalog: ... t_fhlc.asp

film notes for Bonefro

Topic: Italy, Campobasso, Bonefro - Civil registration

Titles: Registri dello stato civile, 1809-1900 Bonefro (Campobasso).
Ufficio dello stato civile

In case you aren’t familiar with the Family History Center & Italian records

FamilySearch Home Page
Includes how to find your nearest local Family History Center
They're usually staffed with very helpful folks
You may want to call 1st to verify the hours they're open

A helpful essay written by Trish, one of our forum members:
Steps for Finding Microfilm at the Family History Center

Italian Record Research from FamilySearch guides:
Italy Research Outline

Also from FamilySearch (PDF format)
Italian Records Extraction - An Instructional Guide

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Re: Anthony W. Vaccaro

Post by vj » 17 Aug 2009, 14:29

Zeroing in on Anthony Vaccaro's ship manifest from abt 1913 is a bit difficult. His name is not uncommon.
Most of us use this search site for NY Arrivals:

Do you have his naturalization paperwork? It was probably in the Southern District of NYC, between 1920-1930?


possible 1913 manifest
page 2

8 Aug 1913, SS Prinzess Irene, Naples to NY
line 29

Pardoantonio Vaccaro 23 (abt 1890)
- single
- last residence CBasso Bonefro
- in Bonefro father Celestino
- joining brother Giuseppe at 1626(?) Garden Place Wakefield (Westchester) NY
- born in CBasso Bonefro

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Re: Anthony W. Vaccaro

Post by vj » 17 Aug 2009, 18:12

brother Alessandro Vaccaro

possible 1930 census

Home in 1930:
784 Main Street, rents $55
New Rochelle, Westchester, New York

head Alexander Vaccaro 47, abt 1883 IT
- married age 24, abt 1907
- immig 1916, Na
- street cleaner, city dept
wife Constantine Vaccaro 41, abt 1889 IT
- immig 1925, Un
son Charles Vaccaro 20, abt 1910 IT
- immig 1927, Na
daughter Nicholina Vaccaro 14, abt 1916 IT
- immig 1925, Na
daughter Josephine Vaccaro 14, abt 1916 IT
- immig 1925, Na
son Antonie Vaccaro 4 3/12, abt 1925 NY

possibly Alessandro's wife?
same address as Antonio's 1920 census
from children's 1st names, Alessandro's (& Antonio's) parents may have been named Teresina and Celestino
naming traditions: ... id=22.html
names on manifest are lined-off (did not sail)

neat 1924 manifest
page 2

29 Nov 1924, SS Conte Verde, Naples to NY
lines 20-24
Maria Concetta Porrazzo 37 (abt 1887)
- last residence Bonefro
- in Bonefro sister Nicolina Porrazzo
- destination New Rochelle NY
- joining husband Alessandro Vaccaro Am Cit, at 19 Russell Ave New Rochelle
- born in Bonefro
daughter Teresina Vaccaro 17 (abt 1907)
son Celestino Vacarro 15 (abt 1909)
daughter Nicolina Vaccaro 9 yrs 6 mos (abt 1915)
daughter Giuseppina Vacarro 9 yrs 6 mos (at 1915)

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Re: Anthony W. Vaccaro

Post by vj » 17 Aug 2009, 18:27

sister Carolina Vaccaro

possible records

1930 census
page 2

Home in 1930:
15 Allard Ave, rents $30
New Rochelle, Westchester, New York

head Carlo Dioria 29, abt 1901 IT
- married age 21, abt 1922
- immig 1903, Na
- post man, US Post Office
wife Caroline Dioria 29, abt 1901 IT
- immig 1922, Na
daughter Camile Dioria 6, abt 1924 NY
son Charles Dioria 5, abt 1925 NY
son Jose Dioria 1 5/12, abt 1928 NY

Marriage Records, 1908-1930
from Westchester Archives:

Vaccaro Carolina 37425 1922
Di Iorio Carlo 37425 1922

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Re: Anthony W. Vaccaro

Post by Essgee » 07 Oct 2009, 19:20

Been helping another individual on a Santo Vaccaro, daughter of Giuseppe Vaccaro and wife Michelena. Born 1888/9 Bonefro, married Amodia Cappucilli from Ripabottoni.

Giuseppe is in Amodio's household in 1910 cenus in Ohio..Astabula if I remember correctly, along with Giuseppe's sons, Celestino and Antonio.
Town is Conneaut.

There was another cousin, Nicola Vaccaro, also in Ohio.

Believe that this Giuseppe might well be a brother to your Celestino...cousins among the children. Can't be sure.

Hope this adds more info for your search.

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