Trying to find relatives

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Trying to find relatives

Post by Pekeoria » 27 Sep 2009, 22:03

I am a first generation Italian American (b 1945), an only child and am trying to see if I have any living relatives. I have some information from obituaries. My father, Joseph (Giuseppe) Costa (9-10-1910-4-1-1980) was from Canischio. His father was Andrew and his mother was Angelina Gagliardo (he had a sister Bernadette or Bernardina who may still be alive or have children in or around Canischio). My mother's was Anne Patarozzi (b 5-5-1915 in Farmington IL; d 8-26-93). Her parents were Frank Patarozzi (b 5-13-1882 d 12-30-1959) and Alfonsa Palazzini Patarozzi (b 1-3-1892 d 9-20-82) They were married 9-21-1909 in Fanano Ospitale). Alfonsa's parents were Bastista and Erminia Balocchi. Frank's parents were Michael Patarozzi and Marianna Ricci. Can anyone help me further? (I understand almost no Italian so English would be helpful.) Thanks

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Re: Trying to find relatives

Post by wldspirit » 28 Sep 2009, 00:41

Welcome to IG!! The following site is easy to use:

dove - town

cognome - surname

cerca - search

This will bring up name, address and telephone number of those who carry your surname in the town of interest.


and for correspondence:

Potential relative letter

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