santoro/santore & funaro terravecchia, stabene/stabeno

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santoro/santore & funaro terravecchia, stabene/stabeno

Post by irenetrantas » 06 Dec 2009, 01:19

PLEASE HELP Wow. Roadblock Santoro/Funaro
1876 my greatgrandfather Francesco(his daughter, my grandmom, is still living (till the end of my time I hope)) was born in Cariati to Gennaro Santoro and Fortunata Funaro. (did Fortunata have sisters and brothers?) OK: So Santoro: Francesco/Frank came to the states at 20yrs and sister Serafina followed, went to NY and married into Parisi (they live west coast/hawaii)....and Fortunata, other sister remained, married, but could not have children -- my grandmom seems to recall her raising Gaetano who lost his mother very young (Fortunata and she were good friends). That's Santoro (any siblings/cousins to Gennaro?)

THEN...Stabeno: My greatgrandmom Rosina Stabene's father was Alfonso Stabeno...he married Maria Carmella Esposito Granita. Esposito indicates abandoned or out of wedlock, but then Maria is named Granita -- is this an adopted family? Her mother who was not married? Her birth cert doesn't show parents but indicates Maria Carmella Espositp Granita...could it be she was an orphan of Granito? EIther way, they lived in Roggiano Gravina all of their lives. We were told they lived well-- had servants and were people involved with the church -- this is what my gradmom remembers. Maria was 13/14 when she married Gennaro, who was 23.

I do have some picture, too...any help please!!! Even if a story link..I wanna make a book for my grandmom with her family - She misses them so and will be so happy

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Re: santoro/santore & funaro terravecchia, stabene/stab

Post by Michael31 » 11 Dec 2009, 18:42
cognome: SANTORO dove: Cariati
cognome: FUNARO dove: Cariati
cognome: PARISI dove: Cariati
87062 Cariati (CS)

cognome: STABENE dove: Roggiano Gravina
cognome: ESPOSITO dove: Roggiano Gravina
cognome: GRANITO dove: CS
87017 Roggiano Gravina (CS)

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Re: santoro/santore & funaro terravecchia, stabene/stab

Post by PeterTimber » 11 Dec 2009, 21:14

I think thast you should familiarize yourself with Italian Genealogy so that the bpook you wish to prepare for your grandmother will be intelligent and traceable back to the early 1800's...something that canbecome a family heriloom and something which you write based upon this website: ... earch.html

After you beciome familiar with Italian Genealogy we can answer any inquiries you wish to make. =Peter=

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