Resources in San Leo

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Resources in San Leo

Post by iolanda2 » 10 Dec 2009, 04:05

In case anyone plans on research at the Cathedral in San Leo. He is a list of the registers. The Mormons do not have these records.

Santa Maria Assunta in San Leone
The Cathedral in San Leo, Le Marche, PU

File 1 registri del battesimi
baptism register I 1616-1674
baptism register II 1675-1745
baptism register III 1746-1783
baptism register IV 1784-1827

File 2 registri del battesimi
baptism register V 1827-1856
baptism register VI 1856-1877
baptism register VII 1878-1901
baptism register VIII 1901-1928

File 3 registri del battesimi
baptism register IX 1928-1939
baptism register X 1939-1958
baptism register XI 1959-
baptism indexes IV-VI 1784-1901

File 4 registri del matrimonio
marriage register I 1616-1774
marriage register II 1775-1877
marriage register III 1878-1930
marriage register IV 1931-1946
marriage register V 1947-1952

File 5 registri de morte
death register I 1624-1734
death register II 1735-1785
death register III 1786-1827
death register IV 1827-1857
death register V 1857-1877
death register VI 1878-1949
death indexes IV-VI 1827-1949

Two other books were found:

states of souls of the parish of San Leo 1781-1807

states of souls the parish of San Severino 1851-1914.

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