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Post by domino4674 » 20 Dec 2009, 14:25

Hi, I am looking for help with these surnames. My g-grandfather Benedetto DiMario is from Ateleta. My g-grandmother is from Ateleta also. Have very little information on either. They have 5 children that I am aware of. Henry, Mary, Amico, Frances(Frank) and Carmela(my grandmother) I have departure and arrival info on them. Anything else would be helpful!
Thanks for the imput.

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Re: DiMario/Colaizzi

Post by PeterTimber » 20 Dec 2009, 15:02

www.tuttitalia.it/abruzzo/93-ateleta is the adminstrative file for Ateleta and scrolling down under MUNICIPIO is the address for the Uffico di Stato Civile tobe used in requesting documents of Birth, marriage and deaths for your family is so desired. Atreleta is a small village of about 1200 people.

Go to http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/pearlsofwi ... tters.html
is a website explaining what documents you can request. They are freeof charge.

There may also be micorfilm records at your nearest Mormon family history library (www.familysearch.org for location) for civil records in Ateleta should you wish to research your family dating back to 1809 to 1865. Any further questions will be answered promptly. =Peter=

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Re: DiMario/Colaizzi

Post by vj » 20 Dec 2009, 15:29

Hello Michelle !

Just for everyone's reference, so we don't duplicate research
- here's some information on these previous posts

Did you need help with records in Italy (see Peter's note above) or with other US records?


http://italiangenealogy.tardio.com/Foru ... 13735.html

http://italiangenealogy.tardio.com/Foru ... amico.html
Tony wrote:Santo reda born in Cosenza 1904 moved to America 1917 ish?
He married Carmella DeMario...
DeMario/Di Mario Family

Carmella DeMario's return to US in 1927?

possible 1927 manifest

21 Feb 1927, SS Columbo, Naples to NY
US Citizen

line 16
Carmina Di Mario
- 18 years old
- single
- born 6 Apr 1908 in Pittsburgh, PA
- destination 6305 Joseph St, Pittsburgh, PA
- joining brother Frank Di Mario

brother Francesco's return manifest?

possible 1923 manifest
page 2

6 Dec 1923, SS Conte Rosso, Naploi to NY
line 19

Francesco Di Mario
- 21 years old (abt 1902)
- single
- claims US Born
- last residence Ateleta (comune of Ateleta, province of L'Aquila, Abruzzo region)
- in Ateleta, father Benedetto
- destination Pittsburgh, PA
- joining uncle Antonio Di Mario at 6305 Joseph St
- claims born in Pittsburgh PA

brother Amico?

possible 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card

Amico Di Mario
18 years old
135 Shetland Ave
Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
born 18 Jul 1900
US Citizen "by Father's Naturalization before Registrant's Majority"
Employer: Penn R R Co (?)
Nearest relative Benedetto Di Mario 135 Shetland Ave

brother Amico's 1916 return?

possible 1916 manifest
page 2

31 May 1916, SS Cretic, Naples to Boston
line 6

Amico Di Mario
- 15 years old, abt 1900-1
- single
- last residence Ateleda (Ateleta) Aquila
- in Ateleda, mother Giacinta Colaizzi
- destination Pittsburgh PA
- in Pittsburgh 1900-1901
- joining father Benedetto at 4744 Bloomfield
- born in Triggiano, Bari, Puglia (or more likely Ateleta L`Aquila, Abruzzo)

father Benedetto's 1910 return trip?

possible 1910 manifest
page 2

2 Aug 1910, SS Oceania, Naploi to NY
line 7

Beneditto Di Mario
- 40 yrs old, abt 1870
- married
- non immigrant alien
- last residence Ateleta
- in Ateleta, wife Giacinta
- destination Pittsburgh PA
- in PA 1893-1909
- joining brother Antonio at 4715 Laurel Ave
- born in Ateleta

father Benedetto?

1910 passport application

7 Jan 1910
Bernedetto Di Mario
born 15 Nov 1869 in Ateleta
emig abt 1893 (probably 1st trip)
naturalized 26 May 1904

brother Francesco & mother Giacinta & brother Amico 1906 manifest?

possible 1906 manifest

17 May 1906, SS Madonna, Naples to NY
lines 18-20

Giacinta Colaizzi 34, abt 1871-2
- last residence Ateleta
- destination Pittsburgh, PA
- joining husband Benedetto Di Mario
- not in US before
son Amico Di Mario 5, abt 1900-1
son Francesco Di Mario 3, abt 1902-3

note: two other Colaizzi's on this manifest page

father Benedetto?

Petition for Naturalization

26 May 1904
Benedetto De Mario
406 Edmund St Bloomfield (Pittsburgh)
witness Elia Chiola

father Benedetto's return trip?

possible 1903 manifest

31 Oct 1903, SS Prinz Oskar, Naples to NY
line 21

Benedetto di Mario
- 33 yrs old, abt 1870
- married
- last residence Ateleta
- destination Pittsburgh PA
- in Pittsburgh 1897-1902 5 yrs
- joining cousin Elia Chiola at 406 Edmund St

note: another possible Di Mario/a on line 18

father Benedetto?

possible 1893 manifest

17 Apr 1893, SS Chandernagor, Naples to NY
line 1074

Benedetto Di Mario
- 25 yrs old, abt 1868
- last residence Ateleta

note: another possible Di Mario on line 1076

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Re: DiMario/Colaizzi

Post by corrado » 30 Dec 2009, 16:40

I noticed the town of Ateleta didn't do well in WWII has anybody asked for BC and are the records intact?

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