Giuliani, Alloro, Diviganti, Caletti

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Giuliani, Alloro, Diviganti, Caletti

Post by embracinggenerations » 03 Feb 2010, 20:33

Hello All,

I am searching for information on my Great Grandfather and Nona. Here is what I do have:

Paolina Rose Diviganti
b 11 Jan 1877 (Italy)

Had a son ( My great grandfather)

Mario Giuliani
b 16 May 1899 ( I believe in Mornago Italy)

His father apparently died of TB. Paolina married-

Vittorio Valerie Alloro
b 05 may 1885

and they had two sons and a daughter

Enos Carlo (George) Alloro

Luigia Rosa (Lucy) Alloro
b 1907

Enrico (Rico) Alloro
b 1908

I have found records for Lucy, Enos (spelled Inos) and Enrico traveling on the "scotian"
Port of Departure: London, England and Le Havre, France
Oct 31 1920.

I have been told that Paolina was in an orphanage (info i requested in the other forum) called Novara.

I was also told that first Victtorio came over first and settled in Alberta at the Brule Mines (which the passage papers say is where Paolina and the three kids were going..) and that he sent for Mario around 1912 -14 and then sent for the other four in 1920. I can not find anythign for mario.

Also, he married my nona Maria Caletti and I have not found anything for her coming over either. I was also told that Maria Caletti was in an orphanage too.

Maria Caletti
b 08 April 1906

I know this is confusing... but I thought someone might be able to help!

thank you for everything


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Re: Giuliani, Alloro, Diviganti, Caletti

Post by Michael31 » 07 Feb 2010, 13:21

Giuliani Giandomenico
21020 Mornago (VA) -

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Re: Giuliani, Alloro, Diviganti, Caletti

Post by PeterTimber » 07 Feb 2010, 13:32

If you familiarize yourself with Italian Genealogy it will help us help you. ... earch.html

Youwill find workingbackward is a great assist.


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