Looking for help

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Looking for help

Post by mangii » 04 Apr 2010, 04:00

Hi :)

I'm very interested in researching my family tree. I have all the information that my grandparents can offer me. Now my research has to go oversea's.

I have no idea where to start looking.

My family comes from: Mascali Sicily on my Grandmothers side. Surnames I'm looking for are Sciacca, Marabiete, Leotta and Marano.

On my Grandfathers side his family is from Riposta Catania. Surnames are: Scarcella, Di Martine. Is all I have at the moment.

Thanks :)

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Re: Looking for help

Post by Squigy » 04 Apr 2010, 06:48

Hi, Amanda, Welcome to the Forum!

Do you have a few first names and some dates? These will be needed before searching for overseas records.

The Family History Library in Salt Lake City has Mascali and Riposto civil registration records from 1820-1929. These can be ordered for a small fee at your local Family History Center. Find a Center near you with this link:

http://www.familysearch.org/eng/library ... et_fhc.asp

Hope this helps!
My Italian surnames:

Caserta: Maietta, Rossano, Tessitore, Negro, Peluso, Musone

Campobasso: D'Andrea, Barile

Catanzaro: Fiorelli/Fiorillo, Romito

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Re: Looking for help

Post by mangii » 04 Apr 2010, 07:04

Thanks for you reply.

My first names and dates that I have are as follows:

Francesco Sciacca : no dates
spouse: Angela Marabeite ?? surname is not certain of spelling or dates.

son: Sebastiano Scarcella dob 18th Jan 1896 born: Mascali Sicily.
(Sebastiano is my great grandfather)

Congietto Leotta : no dates
spouse: Rosa Marano: no dates

daughter: Leonarda Leotta born 6 Jan 1906 Mascali Sicily.
(Leonard is my great grandmother)

Sebastiano and Leonarda were married in Sicily and moved to Australia.

On my grandfathers side:
Salvatore Scarcella no dates
spouse Joesphina no surname or dates
their son Orazio Scarcella born 31 April 1891 Riposto Catania
Orazio is my great grandfather.

Giovanni DiMartine/o not sure on the correct spelling on this surname.
have no info on spouse.
Rosaria DiMartine born 8th Jan 1898 Riposto Catania.
Rosaria is my great grandmother.

I have looked everywhere online and can not find any info on any of them..I've found info in the Australia databases, but not overseas.

thanks again :) I'll have a look at your link now.

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Re: Looking for help

Post by Tessa78 » 04 Apr 2010, 17:05

Since you know the DOB and parents' names of Sebastiano and Leonarda you can write directly to the comune (town) to request their birth (atti di nascita) and marriage (matrimonio) records. You will write to the town hall (Stato Civile) in Italian.

Here is a link to create a form letter in Italian
http://www.circolocalabrese.org/resourc ... civile.asp

This link will provide information about the process
http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/pearlsofwi ... ello2.html

This is the address - be sure to write it exactly as shown:

Ufficio di Stato Civile
Piazza Duomo, 46
95016 Mascali (CT)


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Re: Looking for help

Post by misbris » 04 Apr 2010, 22:02

To help with spelling.

Possible surnames Marabete, Marabese, Marabello (a)
Di Martino

Leotta is a common name in Mascali today and Sciacca still exists there.


Scarcella still exists in Riposto.


First name would be Giuseppa or Giuseppina.

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Re: Looking for help

Post by Michael31 » 05 Apr 2010, 00:04

MORABITO in Mascali
MARABETI in Sicilia & PA {province of Palermo}
SCIACCA in Mascali
MARANO in Mascali
LEOTTA in Mascali
SCARCELLA in Mascali

DE MARTINO in Riposto
SCARCELLA in Riposto


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Re: Looking for help

Post by mangii » 05 Apr 2010, 00:40

This is fantastic. Thank you all so much for your replies. :)

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