Essgee ,,,two pasqules's from avellino ?

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Essgee ,,,two pasqules's from avellino ?

Post by kennethchiocchi » 22 Mar 2004, 23:33

This sounds terrific, however, I know he only came to the states 2 times. once in 1911 and again in 1912. My relatives told me this. They could be mistaken....

Is it possible there are two pasqules's from avellino ?
Also is there a way to find out the birth dates of all 3 entries of Pasqual to help verify he is the only one?

Also is there an address listing in Avellino for this person?

So sorry to bother you....

Can you send me a copy of the records?

Any thing will be much help....I was looking at the Ellis island records and I did see these 3 entries....I am not sure all 3 belong to the same Pasquale...Can we be most certain it is?

Thanks so much for your help.

Kenneth chiocchi
Seeking my long lost family, one day Ill find out who is who

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Post by Essgee » 23 Mar 2004, 01:50

HI Kenneth.........

All three appear to be the same Pasquale...
1902 at age 20
1911 at age 29 (June of 1911)
1912 at age 29 (March of 1912)
All ages appear to be consistant with 27 years of age in 1910 census.

The Census in 1910 lists his arrival as 1901...not unusual to be off a little, but doubt it would be off by 5 years. Also, Assunta was in the country in 1906. I could not find her passenger listing at Ellis Island. But in 1910, there was a Jimmy Rego listed in Paterson, NY who was 52 and who also arrived in 1906. Found him at Ellis Island under the name Girolamo arriving in 1906 from Pago del Valle, Avellino. This must be the father of Assunta...

In 1910, Jimmy is listed with sons...looks like he is widowed. Problem is, that women in Italy kept their maiden names. So if Jimmy's wife came over with Assunta in 1906...and Assunta would not be alone as she was only 14...then there is a good chance she was listed with the same last name as the mother's maiden name...hence, not possible to find without a clue as to what that would be.

Also, Angela Chiocchi arrived on March 6, 1909 to meet her brother, Pasquale, in Paterson. It stated that she left her father, Generoso, behind in Avellino.

Now, a couple of things:

The town of origin is most likely Pago del Vallo di Lauro, Avellino since the listing for Pasquale was Valle di Avellino...and there is not a place by that name, and the listing for the Rego's was Pago del Valle....which is as I stated above.
Better then that, the civil records for Pago del Vallo di Lauro are on microfilm at the Family History Library and cover from 1817-1899 in this case. You should be able to get the birth, death, and marriages before 1900 of all the individuals and track them back a couple of generations. Go to to check the library holdings.

The family might not have known about the fact that Pasquale came when he was 20. And he could have returned to Italy and came back a lot of times...the name can be misspelled ....there was a Pasquale Chiacchio listed at the same age that came from a different town in the spelling being off is not unlikely.

Yes, there could be more then one, but I believe these three enteries at Ellis Island are indeed your Pasquale.

So it appears that Pasquale's father was Generoso Chiochi, his mother was Maddelena Marotta, and his first wife, Assunta Rego. Looks like he has a brother named Vincenzo (possibly a cousin), a brother named Sylvestano, a sister named Angelina. Assunta has a father name Girolamo, a brother named Carmine as well.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you are not bothering anyone...if we can help, just ask!

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