Miresse & Zeppa Families-Montefalcone-Cemetery/Church In

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Re: Miresse & Zeppa Families-Montefalcone-Cemetery/Churc

Post by maestra36 » 17 Apr 2010, 02:59

I agree with you 100%, Peter. Always best to send an email first before sending letters to these parishes to determine where the records are housed. At least in this instance though, there appear to be only two current parishes in the town. I recall when I wrote letters to 13 parishes in the town of Benevento in Benevento Province for a cousin years ago, and one priest actually sent a letter back saying that the records were in his parish. After my cousin sent him a substantial donation, he sent photocopies of the actual records in his volumes along with Italian typed versions of these same documents because he didn't know if my cousin could read the old script. He also sent a letter blessing my cousin and everyone of his ancestors, descendants, and relatives. Everyone should have such luck when writing to parishes in Italy.

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Re: Miresse & Zeppa Families-Montefalcone-Cemetery/Churc

Post by PeterTimber » 17 Apr 2010, 03:49

Every once in a while the wind does not blow out the candle!! =Peter=

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Re: Miresse & Zeppa Families-Montefalcone-Cemetery/Church In

Post by Kenai4 » 05 Aug 2013, 21:20

The cemetery in Montefalcone is exactly as described. Very small with a crypt below ground where they move the bones to.

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