Any info on surname Aiello?

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Re: Any info on surname Aiello?

Post by madisen09 » 29 Nov 2008, 02:06

vj wrote:possible 1930 census

May include related families

Home in 1930:
9651 Edgewood Ave
Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

(name is probably Mustazza, Joseph’s brother-in-law from his 1921 manifest)
Head Andrew Mastadzza 36, abt 1896 IT
- owns $6000
- married age 26
- immig 1917, Na (naturalized)
Wife Rose 30, abt 1900 IT
- married age 20
- immig 1920
Son James 8 MI
Son Tony 6 MI
Son Frank 3 MI

(name may be reversed… may be something like Corsetti/Corsetto)
Head Curceto Vincenzo 32, abt 1898 IT
- rents $ 25
- married age 25
- immig 1930, Al (alien)
Wife Rosie 31, abt 1899 IT
- married age 24
- immig 1930
Son John 9 IT
- immig 1930
Daughter Mary 6
- immig 1930

Relative? Joe Aiello 29, abt 1901 IT
- married age 28, abt 1929
- immig 1929, Al
Wife Josephine Aiello 30, abt 1900 IT
- married age 29 MI
- immig 1929/7(?)
Daughter Catherina Aiello, no mos old
They must be related! I will have to check into this one. I don't have as many details for them. Thank you so much!

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Re: Any info on surname Aiello?

Post by BuffaloBambina » 11 Apr 2013, 14:32

I descend from the Aiello's who lived just outside the city of Palermo
(still in the region of Palermo) from a tiny little town called
Bagheria (Buh-gair-rhea). It's also been spelled Bageria or Baaria.
It's a small coastal town East NE from Palermo.

My GG Grandmother was Antonia/Antoinetta Aiello who lived in Bagheria
with her husband Nicolo D'Amaro & several children before migrating to the
Buffalo, NY area and then had more children. I know at least One descendant
moved on to Chicago, Illinois.

Her descendants have a big family picnic every summer in the Buffalo, NY area.

You can find a photo of her in her later years on the front cover of the
Buffalo, ny newspapers on January 1st & 2nd of 1936 after her daughter
Maria (D'Amaro) Scorsone was seriously injuried in a building explosion.

If you'd like more info on bithdates, immigration dates, let me know.


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Re: Any info on surname Aiello?

Post by joegov » 13 Apr 2013, 02:17

I knew an Aiello family in New Rochelle, NY...there is even an Aiello Park in that town...this seems to be a common name arouond that area....there is also an Aiello's Restaurant in Whitney Point, NY...don't know if any of this is helpful to you...good luck


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Re: Any info on surname Aiello?

Post by Pjc » 11 Jul 2017, 14:27


In my family tree, I Have got :

Joseph AIELLO born 4/6/1893 - New Rochelle, Westchester with
Rosa Chiento born 1897 - New Rochelle, Westchester -- married 7/21/1913 - New Rochelle, Westchester


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