Fiocca, Tuono, DiLonardo, DiMarco – Isernia/Molise to Phil

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Fiocca, Tuono, DiLonardo, DiMarco – Isernia/Molise to Phil

Post by OurAncestry » 16 May 2010, 23:53

Below is a list of the family that I am researching.
If you find a link to your family, please let me know.
If I can help with your family, please contact.
Thanks, Terry
Carmine Giovanni (John) Fiocca, B: 1856, Longano
Sabatino Fiocca, B: 1808, Longano
Rosa Ucciferri, B: 1814
Sebastiano Fiocca, B: ~1781, Longano
Angela (Angiola) Rosa D’Itri, B: ~1780, Longano
Giovanni Fiocca, B: ~1750, Longano
Maria Pinardi, B: ~1750
Venanzio Fiocca, B: ~1720
Margarita Martone?, B: ~1720
Pasquale Pinardi , B: ~1720
Domenica Armendi?, B: ~1720
Pasquale Pinardi , B: ~1720
Domenica Armendi?, B: ~1720
Matteo D’Itri, B: ~1750
Giovanna DiNosa, B: ~1750
Nicandro Ucciferri, B: ~1800
Orsola Forte, B: ~1800

Filomena Tuono, B: 1862, Monteroduni
Antonio Tuono, B: 1830, Monteroduni
Maria Domenica Marandola, B: 1826, Monteroduni
Carmine Tuono, B: ~1805, Monteroduni
Giovanna DiSandro, B: ~1805, Monteroduni
Antonio Tuono, B: ~1780
Gelsummina? Pellecchia, B: ~1780
Cosmo DiSandro, B: ~1780
Carmina DiLisi?, B: ~1780
Pasquale DiSandro, B: ~1750
Antonia Campellone, B: ~1750
Carmine Marandola, B: ~1780
Antonia Biello, B: ~1780

Agapito DiLonardo, B: 1855, Sant’Agapito
Sabbato (Santo) DiLonardo, B: 1813, Sant’Agapito
Pasqua Maddonni, B: 1814, Sant’Agapito
Michele DiLonardo, B: ~1790
Maria Valletta, B: ~1790
Nicolino DiLonardo, B: ~1760
Beatrice Antonilli, B: ~1760
Giuseppa Valletta, B: ~1760
Venezandra Pellecchia, B: ~1760
Amato Maddonni, B: ~1780
Isabella Brusca, B: ~1780

Caravita DiMarco, B: 1857, Sant’Agapito
Dominic Antonio DiMarco, B: 1832, Sant’Agapito
Angela Maria Narducci, B: 1831, Sant’Agapito
Luca DiMarco, B:~1795, Sant’Agapito?
Maria Brusco, B: ~1795, Sant’Agapito?
Saverio DiMarco, B: ~1765, Sant’Agapito?
Giovanna Mancini, B: ~1765, Sant’Agapito?
Egidio Brusco, B: ~1770, Sant’Agapito?
Gesualda Monaco , B: ~1770, Sant’Agapito?
Alejandro Narducci, B: 1809, Sant’Agapito
Caravita Maddonni, B: ~1808, Sant’Agapito
Agapito Narducci, B: ~1780
Catarina Pellecchia, B: ~1780
Cosmo Maddonni, B: ~1780, Sant’Agapito
Maria Bucciaglia, B: ~1780, , Sant’Agapito
Tomaso Maddonni, B: ~1750
Rosaria? Cimorelli, B: ~1750

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