Giuliani Family from Onano

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Giuliani Family from Onano

Post by jjulian14712 » 02 Jun 2010, 18:26

With the help of several knowledgeable and generous people on this message board, my family has made progress discovering our ancestors in Italy. However, I'm having some difficulty searching back more than a few generations in Onano, and any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Here is what I know so far:

My grandfather, Francesco Giuseppe Giuliani (b. 1893) was the son of Giuseppe Giuliani and Marianna Sabatini, and the grandson of Francesco Giuliani, Diomira Sforza, Gaspare Sabatini, and Carerina Mancini.

I have gone as far as I can with the sources available to me, and would be grateful for any assistance you can give.


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Re: Giuliani Family from Onano

Post by Michael31 » 06 Jun 2010, 20:24

use numbers for place 01010

Giuliani VT

01010 Onano (VT)
01010 Barbarano Romano (VT)
01010 Farnese (VT)
01014 Montalto Di Castro (VT)
01015 Sutri (VT)
01016 Tarquinia (VT)
01018 Valentano (VT)
01019 Vetralla (VT)
01020 Civitella D'Agliano (VT)
01020 Graffignano (VT)
01020 Roccalvecce (VT)
01037 Ronciglione (VT)

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Re: Giuliani Family from Onano

Post by kerub » 05 Sep 2012, 10:51

Ciao jjulian14712,
I've seen your post on; my family is from Onano. We are not related, and I can't help you with your research, because (I am in the same situation, though I live in Roma) the Comune of Onano doesn't have documents that trace back before 1870, date of Italian unification. Also, during WWII, the German troops bombed and destroyed part of the town (and the archives), to prevent the American forces to enter.
The only solution could be to ask to the priest of the little church of Onano, he surely has a lot of interesting birth and death documents dating back many years, but I had not luck with him...

But I am interested in all the people originating from Onano; I am trying to build a database of the family trees from this little town, trying to prove they are all connected. Many of our ancestors went in America, and surely there is a huge community of descendants from Onano there (I know a lot of them).

If you are interested, could you send or let me see your family tree? and maybe one day we could find someone in common.

Thank you in advance
Giulio Cherubini

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