3200+ Family History Center films for Tuscany

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3200+ Family History Center films for Tuscany

Post by donnawright » 09 Jun 2010, 20:05

Toscana (Italia : Regione). Ufficio dello stato civile 1745-1865 --- 3200+ films!

http://www.familysearch.org/eng/library ... umns=*,0,0

Research on my dad's side of the family is all in Tuscany - starting in Sorano, in particular. There are only 2 films available-- from 1900 to 1910 -- and then it refers us to the link above which is one of several large regional collections held by the Mormon church. It is daunting and confusing, and I sought clarification from the main library on how to use it.

The librarian there really helped me above and beyond what I expected, and I can, in turn, help you understand how this thing is laid out. I have to assume that anyone looking in Tuscany will experience the same problem I am having. The description of the films in this collection is confusing. Maestra in this forum and I have disucssed it here in another thread because she used some of the films some years back in her research and tried to help me figure it out.

The librarian recommended to her superiors that this big collection be given priority as they digitalize because it is not easily searchable and represents such a large geographic area and large number of films. I told her that once the project is released for volunteers to help, that I would help extract data and try to recruit people -- perhaps from this group and others interested in Italian genealogy.

If you need help reading the descriptions of films in this collection, let me know by follow up post. If you would like to help extract data, sign up here by follow up post. I'll keep in touch with the librarian. Perhaps with a list in hand of willing participants ready to go, the library will react and make this collection more user friendly.

What started out as more than 3200 films has been reduced to about 90 for me now. Still a lot and not too affordable or efficient, but better.

Looking for Biagianti, Modesti & Vincenti in Tuscany and Tomaino, Curcio, Mazza, & Rizzo in Calabria

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