Translation Verification - Death Announcement, Angela Da Re

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Translation Verification - Death Announcement, Angela Da Re

Post by cfbandit » 23 Jun 2010, 16:35

Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since I was active here, but I am hoping that you guys can help me.

I was wondering if someone can proofread my translation of a death announcement I found in my grandfather's things for my great-great-grandmother.

Here is the original Italian:
Oggi alle ore 12 mer. dopo lunga e penosa malattia sopportata con cristiana rassegnazione, munita dei conforti religiosi, spirava
Da Re Angela in Franco
di anni 69
Il marito Franco Giacomo, i figli Giovanni, Antonio, Luigi e Domenico; le figlie Luigia, Pasqua e Adele, la sorella e cognati, nuore e generi, nipoti e parenti tutti ne donno addolorati il triste annunzio, chiedendo una prece per l'amata Estinta.
-S. Andrea, 20 Luglio 1927
I funerali seguirano Giovedi 21 Luglio alle ore 18 nella Curaziale di S. Andrea.

Here is what I translated of it:
Today at 12 Wed., after long and painful illness borne with Christian resignation, bearing spiritual counseling, ascended Da Re Angela Franco 69 years Her husband Giacomo Franco, children Giovanni, Antonio, Luigi and Dominico, daughters Luigia, Pasqua and Adele, sisters and brothers-in-law and family, grandchildren and relatives will all grieve the sad announcement, Lord, a prayer asking for the beloved deceased.
-S. Andrea, July 20, 1927
The funeral will be on Thursday 21 July at 18 in the Curaziale of S. Andrea.

This is the first religious document that I have translated - the rest have all been civil, so I wasn't sure I quite got it right, especially that last sentence.

Thanks for any help you can give me!


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Re: Translation Verification - Death Announcement, Angela Da

Post by wishyou » 15 Jul 2010, 20:45

It is right.
The church of Sant'Andrea is the elder church of the town (probably it was built around VI-VII century after Christ).

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