Sarubbi Family of Stigliano

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Sarubbi Family of Stigliano

Post by donnaku » 12 Aug 2010, 12:01

Dear Maestro 36 and all members,

I have read with great interest the information posted on the Sarubbi family of Stigliano, Italy. I am related to the Sarubbi family in that my grandmother was born Anna Maria Fuggillo in September 1894. It was her step brother who became a priest and started St Anthony's in Yonkers NY. In fact I was told that the Sarubbi family had a total of 7 priests in the family.

Anna Maria Fuggillo's father died and her mother remarried a Sarubbi, but I do not know the first name of her step-father. I was hoping you could help me find out the names of my great grandmother Fuggillo and grandfathers Fuggillo first names? I was also told as a child that my grandfather Fuggillo was once the mayor of the town of Stigliano-do you have any information on that? Would you have the dated of death for great grandfather Fuggillo?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Sarubbi Family of Stigliano

Post by maestra36 » 12 Aug 2010, 15:01

Hi Donna
Hello and welcome to the forum.

Although I spent years researching the microfilmed state civil records from the town of Stigliano (many years ago and not recently), the Sarubbi surname only recently came into my ancestry through marriage. It was not a surname I was originally researching, so I have limited information about the surname in my database. I don't have any info about the Fuggillo surname from Stigliano at all and don't recall offhand seeing the Fuggillo surname for a mayor in the town. I will have to review record copies to see if any show that information.

According to my current family tree database, Father Michael who started St Anthony’s parish in Yonkers was a second half cousin of mine, three times removed. So we are talking about him and his family being very distant cousins of mine. I have the names of Father Michael's parents and know a little about the Sarubbi ancestry in that line, but I don't see how Father Michael could have been a step brother to your grandmother, unless his father remarried your Anna Maria’s mother as a very very old man. Father Michael’s father, Rocco Sarubbi, had to have been born sometime by the 1820s or earlier, as he and Father Michael’s mother (Laura Puzzolente) were married in 1846. I don’t know what year Father Michael's parents died in Stigliano. You possibly have the connection between Anna Maria and Father Michael wrong, but I can’t say for sure.

The only connection I see so far between the Fuggillo and Sarubbi surnames is between a Rocco Fuggillo from Stigliano and Father Michael. I see Rocco immigrating in 1909 and his destination was to his uncle Michael Sarubbi at 142 Willow Street in Yonkers. This is where Father Michael and his family resided. This Rocco Fugillo was married to a Concetta Pasciariello, also from Stigliano. She joined her husband in the U.S. in 1911.

Anyway, I'll keep digging for possible answers, but I’m not sure I will find them. You would have to access the Stigliano records yourself, which are on microfilm, to try to find the answer to your question. Father Michael’s brother, Domenico Sarubbi, was also a priest in the same parish, but I don't know about there being any other priests in this family.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful at this time.

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