Surnames: Simoncini-Lombardi-giangrandi-Blanci-Capelli

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Surnames: Simoncini-Lombardi-giangrandi-Blanci-Capelli

Post by franinlv » 15 Aug 2010, 22:54

Family information:

Felice (Felix) Simoncini
b: 6 Jan 1864 San Donato Italy
d: 16 Mar 1948 Labrobe PA USA - St Mary's Cemetery Section: Block A-135

Father: Gerolomo Simoncini
-- Father: glacamo Simoncini
-- Mother: Rosa Blanci
Mother: Domenica Capelli

Maria Lombardi
b: 10 Oct 1875 - San Donato Italy
d: 31 Jan 1946 - Latrobe PA USA - St Mary's Cemetery Section Block A135

Father: Franceco Lombardi
Mother: Cecelia Giangrandi

1902-1954 Rose Mary Simoncini
1907-1966: Mario Simoncini
1907-1983: George Donald Somoncini
1909-1930: Arthur (Tony)
1913-1973: Raymond Simonicini (twin stillborn)
1917-1996: Victoria Marie Simoncini
Translated with Google Translator:
Felice (Felix) Simoncini
b: 6 Gennaio 1864 San Donato Italia
d: 16 Mar 1948 Stati Uniti d'America Labrobe PA - Sezione Cimitero di St Mary's: Blocco A-135

Padre: Simoncini Gerolomo
--Padre: Glacamo Simoncini
--Madre: Rosa Blanci

Madre: Capelli Domenica

Maria Lombardi
b: 10 ottobre 1875 - San Donato Italia
d: 31 Gennaio 1946 - PA USA Latrobe - St Mary's Cimitero sezione Block A135

Padre: Franceco Lombardi
Madre: Cecelia Giangrandi

1902-1954 Maria Rosa Simoncini
1907-1966: Mario Simoncini
1907-1983: George Somoncini Donald
1909-1930: Arthur (Tony)
1913-1973: Raymond Simonicini (gemello nato morto)
1917-1996: Marie Simoncini Victoria
Fran P - LV
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Re: Surnames: Simoncini-Lombardi-giangrandi-Blanci-Capelli

Post by PeterTimber » 15 Aug 2010, 23:18

There are 106 SIMONCINI and 75 pedigree resource files at under ancestor search for Mormon church world directory. =Peter=

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