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Post by marcellu » 19 Aug 2010, 15:42

I am Marcello and I am Italian. I write to you to request information about my ancestors. I am trying to reconstruct my family tree.
My great grand mother Cristina Danese, had a brother, Carlo, who emigrated from Casarano(Lecce) to America(NEW.. Jersey) in the 1900. He Died in 1955 here in Italy.
I would like to know if he was one of your Ancestors. THe wife's name is Rosa Arena..THE childrens Raymond, Enes, carlo
The history of this man is very interesting for me and, for this reason, I would like to Know it better.
Unfortunately witnesses are few.. I Know only that, in the recent years, before his returnin italy(1952-3?), he was operated on the tongue and he was not able to eat. He was a special person!I'm trying to contact the grandchildren, the last name is very common!
Thanks in advance for you helpfulness.
With kind regards

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Re: relatives

Post by mahill510 » 21 Jan 2011, 18:45

Ciao Marcello

There are a number of Danese in the North East NJ, NY, CT, and Vermont. My grandparents lived in Mid Town NY, and were Antonio Danese and Faustina Bonvicini.

My Grandfather was from Andria, and lived in NYC for about 10 years before returing to Sesto.

My Grandmother moved back from Sesto after my grandfathers death in 1981 and passed away in 1997.

Our line of the Danese came from Trieste, or possibly Verona before moving to Andria and then Barletta, Puglia, Italy.

As you know, Danese is a fairly common name for families that moved in from Denmark. Unless you line is from the D'Anese family from northern Italy, you may want to try that search.

If you see a connection, I would love to communicate with you.

My Italian is not that good, but I can get by.
Looking for the surnames Danese, Scommegna, Delvecchio, Maresca in Andria & Barletta, as well as Bonvicini, Amori, and Marini in Bologna

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Re: relativesCristina Danese

Post by bobditullio » 23 Oct 2012, 01:49

Regarding your inquiries in September 2010.
I am the grandson of Carlo Danese and Rosa. My mother is Enese Danese DiTullio, who passed away in 1960. I actually saw my grandfather off, around 1952, when he returned to Italy, and passed away about 6 months after he went back. My grandmother, Rosa, passe away before that in New Jersey. My father, Frank DiTullio passed away in 1989. Please post any information that you have and I will be glad to do it also.

Bob DiTullio
Laguna Beach, CA

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