Help with postage questions and instructions.

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Help with postage questions and instructions.

Post by vickig » 27 Sep 2010, 19:42

Could someone help me with this and clarify the instructions? And how do I handle the postage? Thank you in advance.

Italian to English translation

1) Specify in the request, as well as the full name, the place and date of birth of the person referred to by the
request. As for the particulars of the person is in any case ruled out the possible ownership of enterprises
industrial / handicraft, with respect to which there is no registration at the registry or as regards
or address for this business line. For research on these companies and their owners, is
need to contact the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTURE jurisdiction.
2) Under Article. 35, paragraph 2, of the current Population regulation, approved by Presidential Decree May 30, 1989 No 223,
not constitute certification news regarding the profession, art or craft, and the condition is not
professional or academic titles. He also announced that on the basis of 'art. 33, Paragraph 1 of the said Presidential Decree 223/1989,
the registrant shall, to anyone who requests them, only the certificates concerning the residence status
3) REGISTER: CERTIFICATES OF RESIDENCE OF FAMILY MEMBER: shall be subject to stamp duty as
provided by DPR642/72 TARIFF APPENDIX A et seq. mod. Therefore included in the request with a stamped envelope
1.40 by priority mail with address for the response and used for the payment one of the following claims:
a) euro 15.14 in cash or more stamp from 14.62 euro 0.52 in cash for each certificate surplus
will be reimbursed.
b) cashier's check payable to the Administrative Services Sector Demography of the City of Turin for EUR 15.14
each certificate.
E 'admitted the possibility of requesting the certificates have been exempted from payment of stamp duty, if the
the same is required pursuant to the attached Table B DPR642/72 in this case by specifying the article
reference and its use, attaching € 0.26 in cash and on a stamped envelope for reply. In this respect
Article 43, paragraph 1, of DPR445/2000 provides that "the government and the providers of public services do not
may require documents or certificates relating to states, facts and personal qualities that are listed in Article .46,
that are attested in documents already in their possession or that they themselves are required to certify. In
place of such acts or certified persons referred to in this paragraph shall be required to acquire the relevant office
information, prior indication to the person concerned, the Administration and the elements
indispensable for the retrieval of the information or data, or to accept the declaration
substitute produced from 'concerned'.
a) birth certificates, marriage, death, send a request enclosing a stamped envelope with reply address.
b) the birth certificate, birth certificate bearing an indication of parenthood and marriage extracts,
send request of attaching a photocopy of the identity card and stamped envelope for
5) research prior to 1971 and emigration certificates or certificates of family hand-written historical antecedents
01.11.1989 to: For information about how to apply, release times and costs please contact the Office Certifications
Historical numbers 011/4425435-5050-5439-54635288

6) Persons residing abroad may make payment of the cost of postage and certificates referred to in paragraph 3
(With reimbursement of the sums received in excess) in the following ways:
a) by sending the equivalent of EUR 25.00 in cash (stamp duty, fees and postage);
b) for the release of the documents (birth, marriage and death) to send the attached photocopy request
Identity and postage INTERNATIONAL COUPON with endorsement of the Post Office.
7) All requests must be submitted by mail to:
City of Turin Population Post Office Protocol-Piazza Palazzo di Città 1-10122 Torino

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