Looking for information on the Marascio family of Calabria

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Looking for information on the Marascio family of Calabria

Post by jmarascio » 03 Nov 2010, 02:53

I am searching for information on the Marascio family of Petrizzi, Catanzaro, Calabria.

My great-grandfather, Gioachino Bruno Marascio immigrated to the US from Petrizzi, via Naples and New York, in March of 1911. He was born in 12 May 1891. His father's name was Bruno Marascio. His mother's first name was Concetta.

He had four known siblings. Antonio Marascio (b c1889) immigrated to the US and married Carmella Raico. Sister Theresa Marascio (b c1892), a Roman Catholic Nun, stayed in Italy. Francesco Antonio Marascio (b 2 May 1894) immigrated in May 1913, and married Grace. Rose Marascio (b 1903) remained in Italy where she married ? Battaglia.

I know nothing further of the family, with the exception that his immigration records show that he was staying with his cousin Raffaele Giorla in Philipsburg, NJ upon his arrival into the United States.

If you have any information on this family, please reply here or contact me directly.

Thank you.

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Re: Looking for information on the Marascio family of Calabr

Post by PeterTimber » 03 Nov 2010, 03:10

http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/pearlsofwi ... tters.html

This website will enable you to research and do your own family genealogy. There is no charge and mail to Ufficio di Stato Cikvile for documdents which are free of charge. Get back if you run into a brick wall. =Peter=

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Re: Looking for information on the Marascio family of Calabr

Post by Tessa78 » 03 Nov 2010, 19:21

Hello and welcome! :-)

There is currently one listing for Marascio in the Italian Phone book in Petrizzi...
http://www.paginebianche.it/execute.cgi ... v=Petrizzi

You may wish to write to inquire of relatives..
Form letter in Italian...
http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/pearlsofwi ... #relatives
http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/pearlsofwi ... etter.html

Address to write for documents, as referenced by Peter in the previous post...
Ufficio dello Stato Civile
Via Umberto I, 3
88060 Petrizzi (CZ)

Additional resource for form letter in Italian to request documents...
http://www.circolocalabrese.org/resourc ... civile.asp


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